Passenger Service System (PSS) Transformation

PSS, the core of the airline business, is undergoing multiple transformations with a legacy to Next Generation systems and extensive customization. Airlines need to make the right choices for technology, implementation, customization, and integration (with internal and external systems) to extract the most from their PSS.  To assist airlines to do this with confidence, we offer consulting services for:

  • PSS modernization
  • PSS test management
  • Automation and optimization
  • NDC consulting and implementation
  • Personalization and ancillary revenue realization


Digitization and industry process optimization

We apply our industry expertise to optimize operations, digitize processes, and add automation to move airlines from being efficient to becoming smart. Our experts provide support with process analysis, tool evaluation and selection, productivity metrics, ROI models, business case, CoE setup, and target operating models. ITC Infotech’s industry process catalog gives programs a jumpstart while we use our strategic partnerships with leading platforms and our internal expertise to develop, deploy, and support Robotic Process Automation (RPA) initiatives. Airlines turn to ITC Infotech for support with:

  • Robotic Process Automation
  • Intelligent bot development
  • Omnichannel commerce
  • Channel digitization (IoT, mobile, web)


Adaptive Data Intelligence through integrated informed insights

Airlines require integrated data platforms for domain-led analytics across business functions such as planning, commercial, finance, administration, and operations. The integration enhances decision-making within each function. ITC Infotech leverages AI and Machine learning to create self-learning Adaptive Data Intelligence that drives better decisions within the context of business situations. The key areas we address include:

  • Airline data model, Enterprise Data Warehouse
  • Advance insights and predictive analytics
  • Data Warehouse, Big Data, and Data Lake


Customer Experience and Loyalty Management

Customer experience is a major determinant of the ability to extract higher margins, drive loyalty, prevent customers from switching to a competitor, and making the customer a brand ambassador.  ITC Infotech uses its cross-industry experience to identify the right moment to deliver the right experience. We do this using:

  • Single View of Customer (SVOC), a proven solution framework that uses analytics to enhance customer knowledge and drives desired behavior
  • Customer Loyalty Management and Recognition solutions that allow airlines to recognize, engage and delight customers across increasingly complex customer journeys
  • Customer Experience Management that aims to predict customer preferences with actionable insights
  • Customer Value Management (CVM) focuses on constantly monitoring the total business value of the customer and helping businesses with the suggestions to upkeep the customer value.


Application Portfolio Rationalization and Management

By creating innovative interventions, we assist airlines to bring down the cost of managing their application portfolio. In addition, by using automation and lean concepts we bring down the cost of IT operations. Using our proven experiences in leading aviation products and platforms, we are able to analyze and support functional activities that include:

  • ADM and NextGen AMS Services
  • Business Process Management
  • Service desk setup

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