Core Services for PMS, POS, and CRS

These services guide customers in selecting the right PMS, POS, and CRS products and customizing them. Our expertise covers Opera PMS 5.0.x, Opera Cloud, Opera S&C, MICROS 9700, Simphony 1.x to 2.x (on-premise/cloud), Silver Ware, ORS, and Sabre SynXis and addresses:

  • Implementation (functional and technical)
  • Technical upgrade services
  • Configuration services
  • Integration services
  • Testing services
  • Migration to the data center or cloud
  • Support

For customers with in-house products we provide:

  • Requirement analysis
  • Application Development and Maintenance
  • Support (L1/L2/L3)
  • Independent validation and verification

Benefits: Businesses using our service benefit through productivity savings of up to 80% in certain functional areas through automation, a reduction in downtime during technical upgrades, and improved Customer Experience.


Global Service Desk

Our Global Service Desk is designed to monitor and manage critical business applications and respond to incidents 24X7. The service includes:

  • Multi-lingual support in-line with the global presence of the customer
  • Setting up employee helpdesk to manage incidents
  • Remote monitoring and support of infrastructure at corporates/properties (including servers, devices, network, and databases)

Benefits: Our Global Service Desk CoE delivers cost reductions, addresses man-hour risks, compliance, and streamlines support activity that provides businesses time to focus on long-term objectives.

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Testing Services for PMS, S&C, CRS

We provide robust testing frameworks and automation modules for system upgrades, data integrity, functionality assessment, and integration to fast-track operational transformation. Comprehensive test automation services are provided through:

  • Test automation framework and scripts developed in HP-UFT as a foundation for Regression Test
  • Opera PMS test automation suite covering 1000+ test cases from profiles, reservations, front desk, rate query, rate management, cashiering, accounts receivable, commissions and other modules
  • Opera S&C test automation suite covering 900+ test cases from accounts, contacts, activities, scheduler, detailed calendar, sales rep dashboard, potential, inquiry, business block, quick business block, group rooms control, leads, events, function diary and reports data extraction modules
  • Automatic report generation after each test run

The testing solution and services include:

  • Automated testing for Opera PMS, S&C, ORS combined with our own Test Accelerator
  • Manual testing for Opera PMS, ORS, S&C, SFA and Web Proposal
  • Automated and manual testing for all homegrown PMS, POS, S&C, CRS, and Salesforce applications

Benefits: Customers can expect short execution cycles with faster time-to-value, increased test coverage for optimum system performance, 5X reduction in testing time and effort, and increased efficiencies.

Learn more about ITC Infotech’s Testing as a Service (TaaS).


Legacy Modernization of Bespoke Tools and Distribution Applications

Our consulting service addresses the challenge of managing legacy systems (and creating wrappers around them to keep them responsive and relevant to the new dynamics of business and the digital preferences of customers) by evaluating the state of legacy systems and makes recommendations for modernization based on business goals. Our services include:

  • Development of bespoke tools such as PMS, POS, applications to manage commissions, etc
  • Managed services and application monitoring
  • Distribution applications (booking application interfaces, engines related to booking, rates, inventory, availability, sales conditions, pricing, contracts, shopping and property descriptions)
  • Build integrations through middleware and API platforms

Benefits: Refactoring assists customers in reducing maintenance costs while modernization ensures integration across business modules and applications, enhancing employee and customer experience.


INFOR SunSystems for Hospitality

The service addresses the lack of integration across property systems and brings down the complexity and cost of managing and maintaining them. We centralize and standardize financial solutions to improve control, compliance, and reporting and evolve a Financial Shared Services Organization to boost analytical capabilities and reduce costs. Customers who use the service are able to manage complex and time-consuming processes such as multi-currency scenarios, customization to meet local statutory requirements, user access control for security, cumbersome month-end processes, and bank reconciliations – all using the INFOR SunSystems platform. Our services include:

  • Implementation services
  • Global rollouts
  • Upgrade services
  • Migration services
  • Testing services
  • Go-live and BAU support services (L1, L2)
  • User training

Benefits: Our central team deploys and supports this application globally. The experience and the vast knowledge library created by the team continue to grow and the learnings applied to subsequent rollouts. In addition, our team now has the ability to reduce the effort required in training distributed hotel corporate teams on implementation standards and processes.


Integration Services for Hospitality Systems

The service addresses the need for integrated systems and applications integrating applications like  Booking applications, various Property management systems, external Partner applications, Marketing & Distribution applications. These legacy integrating applications are independently designed and implement complex Point-To-Point integrations that lack industry standards, flexibility, scalability, agility on production readiness, faster time to market, and has a very high OPEX and CAPEX.

Services provided for integration are as below:

  • Application – New Developments and Enhancements
  • Technical upgrade services with cloud adoption
  • Configuration services on HOTEL Data
  • Migrating Integration services by revamping the existing legacy model
  • Testing services
  • Support

Most of the applications would in general require to read or update data into the Property Management System.

  • If the property management system is Opera either the OXI, OWS or HTNG services will be used for integration
  • ITC has also partnered with HAPI who provide the middleware services to allow the exchange of data through open APIs.

Benefits: The middleware integration platform provides a common bus-based backbone that enables these systems and applications to seamlessly connect to each other, sharing data and simplifying/automating business processing in closer to real-time with high efficiency.


Process Automation Services for Hospitality

Our process automation services are designed to help organizations create automation as an organizational capability, simplifying the work for individuals, and enhancing the speed of operations. The aim of our automation program is on enhancing the efficiency, effectiveness, and experience of processes thus protecting investments of organizations and operating at the highest potential possible. To enhance the experience quotient, we have adopted a collaborated automation approach of using AI-ML, OCR based solutions and end-user computing solutions over traditional RPA and have built multiple value modelers that will help accelerate the time to value for automation.


  • Hospitality Automation Playbook – ready reference guide to exploring high automation propensity areas yielding huge benefits to clients
  • Comprehensive Process Catalogues built as part of extensive enterprise-wide scans
  • Easy reference demos showcasing automation ‘touch and feel’ over key high yielding processes
  • ‘Tune -n- Deploy’ ready bots for faster time to production

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