Snowflake Summit DE 103 No- Code ELT Framework on Snowflake


June 15, 2022


Las Vegas, USA


20 Mins

Looking for a fast way to on-board source data into Snowflake?

In this session, we will share a no code ETL framework where users do not need to write any piece of code. The framework leverages native Snowflake features to manage enterprise data, design data flows, ensure data availability, reliability, and enterprise integration among applications and data repositories without depending on any third-party tools or integrations. You’ll see a live demo in this session and learn how you can realize your data into Snowflake 5X faster while saving 50% of orchestration cost by exploiting Snowflake tasks. Further, catch a glimpse of a migration case study of a leading tobacco international group that resulted in significant savings on run cost by replacing over 10+ disparate cloud components with Snowflake native features.


Prakash Desai

Sr Solution Architect, ITC Infotech

Prakash is a data professional with around 20+ years of hands-on experience in designing and building data warehouse and business intelligence solutions for fortune 500 customers with Azure cloud, Big Data, and Snowflake platforms.

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He has worked with a spectrum of industries – Retail, Financial Services, Airline, Telecommunications, and Insurance in various capacities. He has been advocating data on the cloud to drive data strategy and innovations at scale.

Suraj Rajan

Senior Solutions Architect – EMEA, Snowflake

Suraj is an MBA graduate and a technology enthusiast with 18 years of experience in the data and technology space. He has worked with CxOs, VPs, and Senior Directors, helping teams embrace change in a challenging environment.

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He is a staunch believer in data and making data-driven insights ‘easily’ accessible to anyone, converting insights to actions driving enterprise value. He joined Snowflake in August 2020 and has been working with various customers in EMEA, delivering successful outcomes on Snowflake across all three public cloud implementations. He has worked across several industries – Retail, Telecommunications, Insurance, Financial Services, and Media. He is also an advisor to start-ups in the Product and Technology space.


Las Vegas, USA


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