The automation journey begins with choosing a few common processes that can be automated quickly. Gradually, end-to-end processes are identified within the enterprise that deliver business value through process efficiency, cost savings, faster TAT and lower AHT. This is the ‘Efficiency’ Journey…

As organizations mature in their automation journey, the focus shifts towards delivering effective solutions and better customer experience. The foundation of the Digital Assistant program lies at the enterprise level, where enterprise-level processes are automated cutting across all employees globally. The next level is that of processes, which are common across roles like consulting, data management, engineering, etc. The goal of Digital Assistant is ‘automation empowerment’ of employees to automate and customize tasks.

Business Need

  • Repetitive and redundant tasks performed by employees
  • Non-adherence to enterprise process SLAs by global workforce
  • Addressing custom automation requirements of employees
  • Frequent changes to processes based on ad hoc demands
  • Scaling repetitive and redundant tasks many folds

Our Solutions

Organizations are always on the look out for ways to empower their workforce to be more effective and satisfied in the tasks they perform. The ‘Digital Assistant’ initiative is true to our automation vision of ‘Amplifying Human Potential’. The program empowers each employee to utilize digital workers, increasing their productivity and providing them an opportunity to focus on value addition.

Digital workers benefit organizations by bringing accurate data for decision making, process efficiency, compliance adherence, cost savings and better employee experience.

Business Benefits

  • Superior employee experience as millennial technologists prefer experimenting and developing “cool” solutions
  • Cost savings and avoidance
  • Enhanced employee experience
  • Efficient and accurate processes
  • Financial compliance

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