Persona-based Automation

A people-axis approach to automation in order to create automation from a roles and responsibility perspective. The persona-based automation approach helps to identify roles that are struggling with bandwidth issues in order to create digital assistants for them or roles which perform purely rule-based, repetitive tasks that can be transformed completely to be handled by a digital worker. One of the most sought after persona solutions that we have built is the Tester Persona that allows the tester community to manage the critical day to day tasks and predefined workflows such as testing workflow automation, test data creation, test execution, test management tool integration and defect status reporting, etc. following our integrated hyper testing automation framework.


Digital Assistance

One of the features of persona-based automation is the creation of ‘Digital Assistants’ which help empower employees to do their job better by handling routine, repetitive tasks. This helps create enough bandwidth for them to focus on critical activities and makes their work experience better. As part of our Digital Buddy initiative, we have promised a dedicated digital assistant to all our employees.


Automation Test Suite

We have built a comprehensive, scalable, and flexible test automation framework that is technology agnostic and touches upon the key stages of a testing lifecycle facilitating shorter testing cycles and greater coverage. This is aimed at tightly coupling the testing phase between the design and the deployment phases of a software development lifecycle.


IT Monitoring as a Solution

IT is the backbone of all businesses hence it is one of the core areas where operational efficiency is a big ask. In order to streamline the process of monitoring applications and infrastructure, we have created an automated solution – IT Watchdog, which covers the entire IT spectrum of the client and notifies/actions failure scenarios in order to minimize downtime and potential business impacts. The IT Watchdog is a round-the-clock IT sentinel which is more focused in proactive measures to prevent a known failure rather than a reactive approach. In all, this solution has the ability to completely streamline IT monitoring and service response in a non-invasive manner.


End-user Computing Solutions

Aimed at improving the end-user experience of using our IT solutions, we have baked in EUC has a critical fulcrum for our automation solutions. As part of this, we are looking at combining conversational AIs, IVRs, service desk integrations to the traditional RPA solutions in order to achieve greater automation coverage for the processes. This is one of our key contributors to our vision of creating a digital workplace experience for our clients.

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