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ITC Infotech shows the way with persona-based Managed Services for a personalized business experience

For years now, organizations have been leveraging the power of managed services to optimize operational costs and enhance efficiency. ITC Infotech has delivered an average of 10% reduction in cost YoY and increased the efficiency by 15-20% through process automation, business optimization, and unique value-based commercial models. But are cost optimization and efficiency the only benefits of managed services that organizations can leverage on their journey to digital next? The answer is a resounding no.

In this article, we discuss how the aviation sector can use managed services for enhanced business experiences.

Delivering personalization at scale with managed services in the aviation industry

ITC Infotech has decades of experience in aviation. After delivering many successful managed services projects, we have now built a unique Business Persona-based managed services solution. This solution not only delivers cost reduction but also brings efficiencies in the system while creating delightful personalized digital experiences for all end-users – from partners and employees to customers.

Aviation enterprises run operations from distributed locations. For them, streamlining all processes, making processes run seamlessly, and reducing operational costs are all very critical. One way to resolve this complexity is to constantly innovate. To this end, we see 5 strategic themes for aviation enterprises to become digitally integrated and transformed businesses.

Most clients while taking the strategic step of onboarding a managed services partner are offered plain vanilla services for the IT applications. Sure, cost-saving follows but what about the other components of an integrated lean business, not least of all personalization at scale for end-users?

On the other hand, when ITC Infotech is engaged for managed services, we offer a hybrid solution in line with the five pillars of integrated and lean transformed business. This helps organizations take a quantum leap towards becoming the next-gen aviation business house. We also introduce Intelligent Automation at scale to increase efficiency and reduce cost. All of this along with a persona-based approach to managed services which elevates the experience of users. We deliver processes in accordance with the guidance of client’s business leaders and build a layer of analytics to create digital experiences for all the consumers, partners, and business channels.

A Unique User Persona-based solution to deliver personalization at scale

The persona-based managed services model is an industry-first solution in driving business efficiencies in parallel with building personalized digital experiences for users.

The top layer is the Persona layer delivering experiences that allows users to seamlessly interact with IT applications. These applications are integrated to give an uninterrupted experience keeping the focus intact with business flexibilities. From a long-term perspective, this sets the foundation for future business enhancements and provides full control to users without having to worry about the changes in the second layer.

The second layer is the core layer for managed services. It constitutes managed services framework components comprising of:

  • Governance –
    Governance comprises the structure and relationships that control, direct, and regulate the performance of projects, portfolios, infrastructure, and processes.
  • Business rules –
    Business rules comprise the operations, definitions, and constraints that apply to the enterprise. These rules can apply to people, processes, and computing systems in an enterprise.
  • Monitoring –
    This refers to the unattended monitoring of the IT environment as well as SLAs. ITC Infotech comes with a comprehensive set of performance and health metrics that allows monitoring of key components in the enterprise environment, such as applications, application servers, databases, as well as the back-end components like hosts, operating systems, storage.
  • Process optimization –
    With this, we increase organizational efficiency by improving processes. Optimized processes lead to efficient business.
  • Automation –
    We amplify human potential by bringing in business-centric automation, we have built a series of ready-to-be customized RPA BOTS across the leading global platforms which will accelerate your value realization.
  • Collaboration tools –
    We believe in synchronization of information wherever and whenever needed and use leading collaboration platforms like Microsoft, etc. also adapt to client’s preferences.  Information – Information is the most powerful resource of an organization. We manage it in the middle layer in a way that users have access to the information most relevant to them. This further enhances their experience in the managed services set up. We also keep updating all relevant documents like architecture, process maps, metadata, data tables, etc., and it is available to be used by businesses whenever there is a need.
  • Analytics and Modelling –
    This is a crucial area where we, in real-time, keep releasing reports and insights on the ongoing business; also use AI / ML to do preventive and prescriptive analytics to further help business scale heights.
  • Event alerts –
    A sound managed services set up can be configured to deliver critical alerts to users and add scheduling activities to the system making sure the turnaround time for dependent activities minimizes.
  • Cases –
    We compile and create a repository of past tickets and their resolutions, which would help business resolve issues faster, the uniqueness is that this component would also help us identify areas where tickets are more and with every release which application should we expect what ticket size and help in load balancing and mitigating the risks.
  • Integration –
    This component plays a critical role in the overall unification of the IT landscape and is responsible for joining the application reducing the deduplication of processes and resources hence making it a Lean IT landscape.

In a persona-based approach to managed services, we ensure that the middle layer is organized in a way that the top layer – or the user layer – can maximize its benefits. For example, if a user requires five reports from the system, the middle layer can be configured with a bot using the automation component, which can help the user pull out the reports in a timely manner. Many such use cases can be organized in the middle layer, to ensure an elevated, personalized, and digitized experience to users in the top layer.

The bottom layer is the platform layer. It comprises of main IT pillars consisting of various product families like IBM, Microsoft, and Oracle as well as business partners, alliances, and DevOps.

Together this 3 layered methodology driven by personas of business users gives them full control of IT applications. Simultaneously, the methodology protects business users from the worries of changes in the middle and bottom layers. In fact, depending on the needs of the business users’, components in the middle layer can be customized, thus delivering an always-on personalization at scale for aviation enterprises.

User Persona-based business model – how we deliver it

Above is a high-level business usage representation of an aviation industry environment detailing the first layer of business users. It demonstrates how they would be using the IT products and applications. During the knowledge transfer and transition phase, we deep dive into the business applicability and expectations of business users and deliverables needed to elevate their experience and personalization. And, we do this in parallel with reducing cost with automation and process optimization. Overall, we deliver a lean IT model which sets the foundation for a loosely coupled digital business ready for future enhancements without impacting business continuity.

Why ITC Infotech

Our experience with the aviation industry is built over 15+ years with 30+ Aviation clients spread globally. This gives us an edge in leveraging our learnings in setting the foundation of a business user-focused service, with flexibility and user experience at the core. With the legacy of ITC Limited, we are well versed with the complexities of multi-business, multi-vendor working environments. We leverage this experience to support interconnected multi-faceted digital establishments that aspire to scale rapidly. More importantly, ITC Infotech is the only service provider that promises a personalized experience at scale for all business users while also delivering cost optimization through its managed services solution.

If you are ready to level up your managed services to deliver above and beyond IT applications and cost optimization, get in touch with us today. We are ready to help you transform into the next-gen digital enterprise that puts business users at the core of all services.


Peeyush Goel
Associate Partner (Consulting Services – Travel & Hospitality)

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