“A customer walks into a store. After half an hour of window shopping and trying various clothes in different categories, he finally buys a pair of trousers. This was the second time he bought the only pair from that brand.”

“A customer walks into the store and asks for a particular product she found on the e-commerce store. She then tries the product and buys it from an e-commerce player.”

In both of the scenarios, there was little that the brand could do while these actions were being performed. What if we could track all the clothes that a customer considered, tried, rejected, shortlisted and bought online? Wouldn’t it be nice if we were able to intervene during the buying process, instead of trying to win back the customer after the action has been performed?

The customer journey is now increasingly becoming omni-channel, crisscrossing the physical and digital worlds. So, it has become imperative to develop cyber-physical systems that can address the “Phigital Customer Journeys”. We at ITC Infotech would like to introduce our “Omni-Cart” commerce capability developed at our Innoruption Labs.

The Omni-Cart commerce capability allows retailers and e-commerce players to keep track
of customer shopping carts across physical and digital touchpoints. It provides a simple functionality with which the customer can capture an image of any product, and add it to the cart on any mobile app. This enables the customer to purchase a product, take delivery at the store, or the desired location.

Omni Cart Commerce 1

Real-time Analytics and Real-time Offers

The biggest challenge of any brick-and-mortar retailer is to bring the customer into the store. So, why wait till the customer comes back? Shouldn’t we look to maximize the basket size every time the customer enters the store?

The Omni-Cart commerce capability enables a retailer to recommend matching clothes, suggest trials, and sweeten the deal with offers. It also provides a personalized real-time shopping assistant who is always ready to assist. The customer’s next-best-action is enacted in real-time while he or she is shopping, and not after. This results in higher conversions than other digital or physical marketing tactics.

Real-time Shopping Assistant

Do you wish to deploy a dedicated salesperson to assist every customer in the store, and offer
a personalized experience? Great, but are you constrained by resource cost, quality, and skills?

Omni-Cart commerce has the answer: Every customer can be provided with a personal stylist or shopping assistant on a mobile app. Powered by A.I, M.L and the entire shopping history of the customer at its disposal, the shopping assistant interacts with an unprecedented level of awareness. This enables the much sought-after personalization at a 1-to-1 ratio. This, in turn, opens up ‘Markets of One’, where every customer is a market by himself.

Experience the power of cyber-physical systems with our Omni-Cart commerce capability.


Venkatesh Kidambi Technical Architect

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