Exceptional Customer Service – the Best bet to Win the eCommerce Game

Research has found that 89% of customers will switch to another brand for a better customer experience. Onboarding new customers, keeping them loyal to the brand and enthusing them to pay more are three of the most common challenges confronted by today’s eCommerce players. So it’s not surprising that most of them are constantly thinking up new ways to make their presence
felt in this cluttered space.

The eCommerce industry is now rife with buzzwords like omnichannel, mobile, social media, personalization, rich functionalities and responsive design. But savvy marketers don’t just look at them as mere trends, but new avenues to make and keep their business profitable and successful.

That’s the big picture. The inside story is about consistent brand voice, connected interactions, personalized journeys, efficient service and rewarding relationships. All this boils down to one irrefutable fact: customer experience is the only experience that matters.

Predicting and Addressing Customer Preferences

Buried deep inside the wealth of customer data, is an elusive set of insights. If identified and translated, these insights can morph into a lethal competitive advantage. Smart eCommerce businesses are tapping this priceless asset to understand their customers better, so they can surprise and delight them time and again. Of course, they combine the best of technology and marketing strategy to deliver consistent, seamless and relevant experiences across the customer-brand digital interaction continuum.

Powering Cx in eCommerce
The task of delivering superlative customer experience is no child’s play. Those who succeed in achieving it are invariably the ones who constantly feel the pulse of their customers. Further, they capitalize on emerging technologies in eCommerce. Choosing the right technology provider is also critical for being relevant and competitive. A technology provider who understands the eCommerce space inside out, and delivers the right solutions, needs to possess these capabilities:

  • Development, implementation & delivery: Covers UI design, solution customization and portal development & migration.
  • Architecture & consulting: Spans design, best practices and roadmap for enhancements.
    Integration of third-party applications, backend systems, social media and analytics platforms
    is a must.
  • Application performance services: Include hardware/software recommendation, portal performance optimization and set up of a scalable environment.
  • Marketing: Branding, SEO, gamification and social media marketing are few of the essential tactics an e-commerce business can’t ignore. 
  • API-driven e-commerce solutions (web & mobile), look books, widgets, fast checkout option, 
    AI-based personalization and cloud-based loyalty solutions and more.

The ITC Infotech Advantage

As a CX transformation partner, ITC Infotech has enabled some of the leading brands derive value from their online customer experience initiatives. Powered by industry-leading platforms like Oracle, Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics, our suite of eCommerce solutions and services makes exceptional customer experience a reachable goal. We do this by leveraging our domain depth, technology experience and leading-partnerships.


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