Multinational Food Retailer

hyper-personalization capabilities that offer customers relevant vouchers and promotions


The retailer identified the need to develop hyper-personalization capabilities that offer customers relevant vouchers and promotions. In turn, these initiatives induce cross-sell and up-sell within customers for Foods and Grocery shopping. Past customer initiatives did not have a uniform measurement approach. They also lacked a holistic evaluation methodology to gauge the impact of marketing on revenue growth. Additionally, the past set of offers had been repetitive and were not aligned to the Customer Segment Objectives and did not drive higher customer value


The detrimental impact of non-personalized communication to the loyalty base and the inconsistent approach towards measuring it lead to :

  • Lower ROI of marketing investments and voucher/promotion budgets
  • Lack of ability to attribute revenue impact to customer initiatives
  • Communication fatigue due to the series of non-personalized communications and hence drop in response rates across channels


Through a collaborative effort between Customer Insights, Loyalty Operations & ITC Infotech’s CVM team the loyalty personalization program was redefined as:

  • Reset measurement and implement consistent reporting framework to assess short-term and longitudinal impact
  • Re-built an analytical model using Advanced Statistical / Machine Learning and Deep Learning algorithms to align to Customer Value Management principles
  • Evaluated , modified and expanded the voucher pool to align to customer objectives


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