ITC Infotech’s Digital Workplace

Gain higher end-user productivity with ITC Infotech’s Digital Workplace solution, where the “End-Users are at the core” with services built around them to deliver “End User Experience Agreements” – eXLA’s. A cloud-based solution with unique unit price options and an “as a service” model, Digital Workplace is powered by AI-enabled ChatBots, integrated cloud-based telephony, proactive device monitoring, and self-healing solution and powered by robust RPA based Automation. The RPA based Automation enables user’s access to enterprise applications within a single window and seamlessly works across devices (mobile/OS). ITC Infotech leverages its strong partner ecosystem to provide integrated services to its global customers.

Overview of ITC Infotech’s End-User Computing
as a Service

Enabling Distributed Work Environment
(Increased End-user Productivity)

Be it large corporations or small businesses around the globe, all have recently experienced the criticality of having a distributed workforce and maintaining high employee productivity. Companies have witnessed new ways of working with geographically distributed employees across office locations and remote working. This is where many organizations are implementing new-age digital workplace technologies to equip their employees with modern workplace solutions that enable a seamless experience to drive increased productivity.

End-User At The Core

Built as a model with end-user centricity, the digital workplace has an interaction and consumption-based usage to make the end user’s work easier. The Digital framework puts the end-users right at the heart of the digital workplace, providing an ultimate vantage point for a very high user experience and satisfaction and driving up productivity and engagement. This is a proven model that has a highly focused adoption program that extends beyond IT.

AI-Enabled ChatBots Powered With Strong Automation

AI-based ChatBots are one of the critical components of the digital workplace solution. These bots are capable of AI-led interaction and provide a single window to consume information as well as interact with the end users’ as their “Digital Assistant”. The communication with users is in a way that mirrors human conversation, achieved through Natural language Processing (NLP). The ChatBots have seamless integration with the RPA-based automation enabling access to enterprise applications within a single Bot window and flawlessly works across devices (mobile/OS).

Device Monitoring & Self-healing

One of the solution components perform proactive device monitoring and reports the health status of the end-user devices. This status enables the IT support team to solve incidents faster and collect key information for higher-level support teams, including the deskside team, to speed-up troubleshooting and problem management. The solution also empowers end-users to resolve issues on their own through assisted healing services, which also reduces the incident count and help fix issues at the source. This leads to reduced downtime and improvised end-user productivity.

AI led Telephony Strongly Integrated with Chatbots and ITSM

AI-led telephony system that enables fast and easy responses by pre-identifying the users calling from any channel of communication. The intelligent IVR helps in faster call routing and connecting the user to the right resolver group.

Differentiated Remote and Deskside Support

Unique remote and deskside support model comprising of augmented reality-based remote support, dedicated deskside support, and hub and spoke dispatch and break/fix services. ITC Infotech also strengthens this with unique peripherals vending solutions to boost employee experience and drive workplace transformation. ITC Infotech has a strong partner ecosystem that is leveraged for smart vending solutions, AR-based support, and dispatch services for remote locations with less user concentration.


An architecture that has 3 modules AI-enabled intelligent ChatBots, ITSM Platform, and RPA/Automation. This enables plug-and-play across the customers’ environments and re-uses what they have already invested in i.e. if the customer has ServiceNow available we bring the chatbot, self-healing, and automation engines as-a-service and integrate with APIs to get the work done.

Enabling Experience Level Agreements (eXLAs)

ITC Infotech has reengineered the way to measure the end user’s experience through Experience Level Agreements (eXLAs). In addition to measuring the quality of service with traditional methods of e-mail/survey forms, ITC Infotech has gone beyond to measure the user’s device-level hard data and user sentiments using like/dislikes, thumbs-up/down – this data is then mashed up to provide experience level reporting. The eXLAs measure and quantify actual service-levels to our customers and gives them the required transparency of service performance around the end-users.

Performance Monitoring & Reporting

Granular reporting on channel effectiveness for engagements, chatbot, live agent, e-mail & voice. Focus on increasing the coverage of responses – introduced experience-based feedback mechanism with simple like/dislike, thumbs-up/down, smileys, etc. to measure the quality of end-user experience along with regular SLA metrics – all monitored and measured in a single pane of glass.

Speed To Market

The solution built on the cloud platform offers rapid deployment across Telephony, ChatBot, ITSM and Automation. Also, the cloud helps in the creation of models offering pricing options around users/month, fixed cost and entirely as-a-service.

The Digital Framework: End-User at the Core


Select team manages the service management platform and ensures service governance

Digital Workplace is all about services revolving around the end-user. We have created a framework that puts the users where they belong – right at the center. With this “user-first” approach, certain principles are framed that provide End-User Computing Services. 


The end-user outlook provides the ultimate vantage point for a very high user experience and satisfaction. We understand what it takes for the IT teams to strategize end-user centric services and get the most out of them. This, despite modern-day service challenges, multi-vendor and multi-technology environment, complex infrastructure, and applications. Knowing just ‘what’ without the ‘why’ is of no use- almost all the toolsets and platforms that are a part of the solution are easy to implement and manage in large and complex IT environments.


The end-user, at the core, is equipped with an Intelligent Service Desk on the software side whereas the pre-designed physical systems identify the users that work as an element of collaboration. The delivery management oversees the committed deliverables and the security feature ensures data safety.

Transforming End-User Computing

Capabilities to Achieve Strategic Outcomes - Transformation Focus is further driven by 6 specific levers

Digital Workplace: The Chatbot Experience

Enhance End-User Experience

Increase End-User Productivity

Lower Total Cost Of Ownership (TCO)

The solution provides the first point of contact with the Intelligent Service Desk equipped with AI-enabled ChatBots that is powered with robust Automation ensuring true self-service and the highest level of End-User Experience. A team handling chat, voice, e-mail and web-based tickets for quick and effective call resolutions.

ITC Infotech's Value Delivery Enablers

COVID-19 Rapid Assist

COVID-19 suddenly changed the “Normal” and we all shifted to remote working / work from home overnight. This new way of working has now become the “New Normal”. Organizations worldwide had always planned for remote working / work from home for a limited number of users. The IT support for these remote users was also planned accordingly. However, they never planned for the volume they have seen in the last few weeks. This has overburdened the Service Desks with increase in number of calls coming to them and with a reduced / limited number of resources to support.


To help our customers globally, ITC INFOTECH has come up with a “COVID-19 Rapid Assist Program” which ensures that in these extraordinary times, we step in to assist your end users with ITC INFOTECH extended teams. This program has a multi-track approach:


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Track 1 – Blend in: Extended ITC INFOTECH Service Desk team with customers Service Desk team. This is supported with Cloud based Telephony infrastructure which integrates seamlessly to customer environment for immediate handling of overload of tickets volume to Service Desk.

Track 2 – Intelligence: Implement ITC INFOTECH’s AI enabled ChatBots with strong integration to the ITSM platform. This is backed up by the Automation and Orchestration platform. This will help in two folds; one – get the work done for the users, and second – reduction of the call volumes which are landing on the Service Desk. These ChatBots will have a failover to support end users with “Live Agents”.

Track 3 – Adoption: The largest concern on implementation is around adoption, ITC INFOTECH ensures that the solution will deliver higher productivity along with new experience levels for the end users. This will help the organisation create a “New Normal” which is powered with AI based ChatBots, a self-service which gets the work done and an ability to offer “Experience level Agreements” to the end users.


Highlights of the Multi-track program:
  • No License investments – Entire solution as a Service
  • Flat two (2) weeks “Go-Live” commitment
  • Special pricing options during the Covid-19 period
  • Introduction to “Experience Level Agreements” with the end users


Program Approach

These special quick rollouts of support enhancement and stable employee experience are achieved by following best practices for successful remote transition. ITC Infotech uses strong and robust virtual huddles, including check-ins at start of the day and at regular intervals, by defining clear roles and responsibilities within the team for transparency and by creating a dispatcher role to ensure work allocation and facilitate handovers. A set of best practices revolves around pairing associates for efficient coaching and resolution, creating dedicated champions for setting agenda and publishing minutes of meetings, weekly communication by the leadership team to address the team and increased engagement of team members via training sessions.


Our strong enablement ecosystem helps in mobilizing the following:

People and Infrastructure readiness to enable support from home

  • On-boarding the support team and provisioning access
  • Knowledge Acquisition via collaboration platform (Microsoft Teams and similar platforms and training sessions)
  • Mock calls and assessments carried out by the customer
  • War room for immediate next steps and resolution
  • Customer feedback and analysis
  • Daily reporting and dashboards

ITC Infotech's Digital Workplace Demo

Watch how we can help your business accelerate growth, better operations and transform your end-user experience with our customized Digital Workplace services


Industry – BFSI


A large global professional services firm that provides a broad range of risk, retirement and health solutions
  1. On account of the Covid19 outbreak, the organization decided to rapidly implement work from home for most of its employees.
  2. The solution benefitted 40,000 users and went from an idea to live production in a short span of 7 days.
  3. It resulted in a rapid reduction in the call volumes landing on the Service Desk, enabled rapid On-boarding of support team and provisioning access and Offered “Experience Level Agreements” to the end user. All this with No License investments as the entire solution was offered ‘as-a-Service’
Industry – CPG


A leading multinational beverage and brewing company
  1. The client decided to improve the “Net Promoter Score” given by its employees to the end user services. To achieve this, they initiated a “Digital Workplace” initiative by using advanced workplace technologies and transforming the employee’s digital experience.
  2. The solution impacted a total of 80,000 users. It introduced a single routing engine for all digital and voice channels into the customer’s ITSM platform enabling better ‘First Call Resolution’ and reducing ‘Average Handling Time’ of tickets
  3. The solution helped the client to improve Improved Net Promoter Score & Increased CSAT score – 4.5/5.

Amazon Web Services – Leader in on-demand cloud computing platforms and APIs

Automation Anywhere – Developer of robotic process automation software, which employs software bots to complete processes

ServiceNow – Leader in developing cloud computing platform to manage digital workflows

LogMeIn – A well-known SaaS company and market leader in communication and customer engagement & support solutions

Industry Recognitions

ITC Infotech’s Digital Workplace Services Capability Lead - Manoj Kumar has been quoted in Forrester’s recent report “Best Practices: Embrace Experience-Level Agreements (XLAs)”

ITC Infotech’s contribution has been acknowledged in this report by Forrester analysts Andrew Hewitt and Bill Martorelli. This report helps define key XLAs and offers best practices for implementing them.