Software accelerating innovations and driving profitability,

is #Digitaligence at work!

In the software driven future, every company will be a digital company. The ability to create value from data – to either make better, more informed decisions & products or to empower the ecosystem – will power successful enterprises.

Leading global companies partner with ITC Infotech to design and deliver innovative products in the digital dynamic. We have established a proven track record of reducing cost of ownership for re-engineered products and reducing time-to-market without compromising on quality.


Digitaligent Approach to Product Engineering


ITC Infotech’s solutions help clients move their software and customers to web-scale, multi-tenant, cloud-hosted and data-driven architecture. We have delivered significant, sustained business value to clients across industries:

  • Built a large online Learning platform supporting 180,000 concurrent student
  • Created a sophisticated self-learning Natural Language Processing (NLP) engine for analytics on unstructured data
  • Site reliability service to run operations for one of the largest IPTV products
  • Tool to assess cloud resources to compute, store & network using sophisticated machine learning algorithms
  • Built a native app for a devices OEM which has 10 million downloads on App marketplace
  • Managed 670+ nodes using DevOps tools & service integration framework
  • Sustenance Engineering for a Property Management Product deployed globally across 650+ sites
  • Co-innovated and developed product extensions with leading technology companies including SAP, Oracle and PTC



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Data Plumbing at Work
Are you data rich, information poor? Are you drowning in data, and starving for insights? Experience ITC Infotech's expertise across a range of Hadoop tools.

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Trade Promotions Optimization

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50% +

Major new business processes and systems will incorporate some element of IoT


Of all business content will be authored by machines by 2018


US jobs which could be replaced by AI by 2035

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