Customers tweeting their satisfaction 36,000 feet above sea level,

is #Digitaligence at work!

Digital technologies and data is transforming the aviation industry. The future of aviation will be driven through comprehensive digital solutions designed and engineered to deliver superior passenger experience.

Digital technologies will enable and disrupt the industry through re-imagining business processes — as evident in programs such as IATA’s Simplifying the Business (StB) aimed at transforming conventional airline practices to a passenger-centric approach that delivers value to airline businesses and the overall travel ecosystem.

Airlines leverage ITC Infotech’s business led technology service and solutions to address both the challenges and the opportunities in the industry. We help our customers execute on their digital transformation agenda: from Omni-channel Customer Experience and Airline Systems Modernization to extracting more value delivery from investments in Data.


Airlines Services Landscape


Extensive airline project experience and deep rooted domain knowledge of the airline industry — the landscape, its challenges and opportunities — make ITC Infotech a partner of choice for Airlines.

Partnerships with industry leaders including Amadeus, Oracle, Salesforce and Microsoft have enabled ITC Infotech to roll out solutions for multiple service verticals — from passenger service systems and loyalty solutions to B2B sales and airline data warehouses. Several Airlines have been able to extract and translate relevant data into precise insights that drive business strategies using ITC Infotech’s well-researched and tested IP-based analytics frameworks.

  • Acceleration frameworks and solutions: Migration to next-gen CRM and loyalty applications and upgrades of legacy solutions
  • Customer experience and loyalty: Robust frameworks for customer experience and value management
  • Passenger Service Systems (PSS): Implementation and testing of latest PSS systems such as Alteá
  • Service-oriented architecture (SOA) and integration: Legacy modernization and existing business process redesign
  • Application development and maintenance: Custom applications employing web/mobility technologies across multiple airline functions
  • Analytics and data mining: Creation, hosting and management of data warehouses that support multiple airline business functions



Enabling Revenue Management with Predictive Capabilities

The airline business is rediscovering itself to offer a personalized experience to its customers. In the same line and ...



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AI & NLP Based Claim Processing Automation Solution Reduces...

ITC Infotech conceptualized and developed a next-generation automation solution designed specifically for the airline ...


Automation – The Foundation of Digital Transformation

Traditionally, automation has been associated only with back-office processes with considerable system integration ...

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Improved Employer Branding & Employee Satisfaction for Leading...

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Impact of NDC on Distribution Processes and Architecture

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Enhancing End-User Experience Through Unique Business Process...

Building a high degree of client satisfaction and delight by offering quality value added services.


The Role of a Loyalty Program in Creating Contextual Customer...

Contextualization of customer experience allows brands to identify their target audience. By linking historical data of ...

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Automated Ancillary Services Offering System Enabled a Leading...

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Delivering competitive advantage through Customer Experience
View select case study snapshots of how ITC Infotech has transformed Customer Experience for companies across industries including Retail, Hospitality, Airlines & Travel and Consumer Goods.

Integrated CX Solutions for Sales, Marketing & Service

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Of the entire world’s passenger traffic indicate that aviation could implement simple changes to dramatically improve the passenger experience


Of passengers are willing to use their own devices to soothe boredom on board, if airlines provide connectivity


The number of connected commercial aircrafts by 2023

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