Agile, intelligent, intuitive supply chains maximizing throughput,

is #Digitaligence at work!

In today’s ‘glocal’ digital business environment, companies need to evolve from supply chains to supply networks. The able to move quickly, be flexible, capitalize on new innovations and respond to digital disruption can be a game-changer in the new dynamic.

With the inclusion of mobility, industrial internet and cloud coupled with Industry 4.0 framework ITC Infotech’s Supply Chain practice achieves transformational results for clients. A perfected mix of digitaligence, industry best practices and the latest supply chain and cloud solutions, helps reduce manufacturing lead times, increase asset utilization, streamline processes and facilitate better collaboration with partners and suppliers.

Key elements of an agile, intelligent and intuitive supply chain

Intelligent And Intutive Supply Chain


With improved forecast accuracy, demand performance and inventory turns while reducing supply chain network and freight cost – ITC Infotech’s SCM Services drives powerful benefits for clients transitioning to the new dynamic.

  • Strategic network design to achieve next-day delivery SLAs through greenfield network analysis, hub consolidation and aligning with tax structure leading to improvement of inventory turns and sourcing decisions
  • Demand performance improvement and order delivery lead time reduction through planning transformation programs
  • Fill rate improvement and 100% error-free deliveries through enablement of state-of-the-art warehouse management solution
  • Forecast accuracy and demand performance improvement through establishment of Sales & Operations Planning (S&OP) process and application
  • Significant freight cost reduction through transportation load optimization and dynamic routing


Case study

Network Optimization Reduces Annual Supply Chain Costs

The customer had a complex supply chain with multiple costs and constraints for which intuitive local optimization was ...

Case study

Network Optimization Facilitates Annual Reduction in Supply Chain...

The customer did not have a sophisticated tool for optimization and it was done only on the basis of transportation ...

Case study

Inventory Optimization at Leading eCommerce Company Achieves 12%...

The customer was faced with rapid growth in customer demand, bringing in a high service requirement. Cost optimization ...

Case study

Supply Chain Performance Excellence

Modern Trade Fill rate improvement assignment for one of the largest FMCG company in India.

Case study

Supply Chain Business Process Redesign Helps Reduce High Levels of...

In a B2C environment the client was operating in a high demand variability and low order visibility situation. Also, ...

Case study

Supply Chain Network Optimization for Efficiency, Reduced Cost and...

High supply chain network costs and reduced profitability made more complex by the dynamicity of the company’s global ...


SMART Industry Solution for Oracle Transportation Management (OTM)

Consumer empowered economy is driving the FMCG, CPG and Retail Industries to comply more accurately with the ever ...


SMART Solutions for Oracle Transportation Management (OTM)

Globally, organizations spend about 5%-17% of sales revenue on transportation depending on the level of market ...


Supply Chain Consulting Services

View ITC Infotech's comprehensive services and solutions for Supply Chain Management.


SMART Solution for Oracle Transportation Management: On-Demand...

Managing Oracle Transport Management (OTM) applications to fulfill changing process needs is critical in achieving ...


Supply Chain Network Design and Optimization

Supply Chain Network Design and Optimization is a process to determine the unique network configuration for the supply ...


Logistics and its Interface with Commodity Trading & Risk...

Clients leverage ITC Infotech’s Easy Scheduler solution to gain seamless access to accurate data in real-time – ...


Establishing an Adaptive Supply Chain

Superior supply chain performance drivers value creation by aligning supply chain objectives with strategic ...


Distributor Performance Excellence in CPG Industry

For the success of any CPG company in the emerging markets, multi-tied distribution plays a vital role in ensuring ...


CPG-Retail Collaboration in Emerging Markets

Collaboration - a systematic and conscious effort between two parties in creating a positive synergy by working towards ...


Choosing the Best Warehouse Management System

Growing customer demands and changing market conditions call for all business processes to be streamlined for ...

Case study

Aligning IT with Business to Drive Business Growth

To support its supply chain process, the client had implemented a Supply Chain Management (SCM) system based on MOVEX ...

Case study

Faster response to changing business needs through end-to-end...

Lack of consistent metrics, & reporting rules across plants led to inaccurate performance measurement.

Case study

Sourcing and Dispatch Optimization for a leading Agri Trading Company

The client needed sourcing and dispatch optimizer due to the growing complexity of the market.

Case study

SAP Supply Chain Performance Management implementation for enhanced...

Lack of integration between the supply chain and organization goals, and a lack of a systematic approach for root cause ...

Case study

Reduction of Cost & Complexity in Supply Chain by Optimization...

To analyze change in the product flow in network post closure of its distribution centers.

Case study

Network Optimization leads to increase in inventory turn and cost...

The client had a highly seasonal nature of business and a diverse product portfolio. This resulted in multiple ...

Case study

Network Optimization prepares leading FMCG player for future growth

The client needed a flexible and adaptive supply chain network for futuristic growth.

Case study

Accelerated Improvements in Inventory Management and Supply Chain...

Misalignment between business and technology affecting the supply chain and distribution network.

Case study

Network Optimization Model for a Flexible Supply Chain

The client needed a flexible and adaptive supply chain network.

Case study

Driving supply chain effectiveness

Targets and benchmarks were not clearly defined. Supply chain not aligned with the enterprise performance management ...

Case study

Faster response to changing business needs through end-to-end...

Standardize reporting across all geographies and line-of-businesses by implementing a single source of data for all ...


10th Edition: Supply Chain Practitioners Council (SCPC)

ITC Infotech organized the 10th edition of the Supply Chain Practitioners Council (SCPC) with ITC Ltd, themed around “Differentiates strategies for fulfillment excellence”. SCPC is a...

iTech 2015 – IoT Hackathon

Trade Promotions Optimization

Creating end-to-end visibility: Cosmo Films

Llamasoft – SAP Integration using Data Guru




Organizations have inadequate visibility of their supply chains

By 2020

Enabled solutions will drive transformational change across the supply chain

€2.1 bn

Investments into robots by 2020 for warehouse and manufacturing environments

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