Shopping as an experience is increasingly being influenced by smartphones, as customers explore a whole host of online options to fulfill their requirements.

Leading retailers partner with ITC Infotech to offer an engaging customer platform that provides a seamless and converged shopping experience. Our Solution empowers end customers with an intelligent mobile assistant to facilitate an enhanced shopping experience. The solution harnesses technical innovations in the mobility ecosystem to provide an evolved experience for both the shoppers and the retailers — integrating the online and in-store experiences, making it simple and convenient, while also enabling retailers to gain insights about their customers and execute targeted marketing initiatives.

Business Challenges

An evolved customer experience almost always ensures that customers return, irrespective of the mode of shopping employed. With expanding competition, and the number of choices that customers are presented with today, it becomes essential to continually refine the shopping experience in order to build a loyal customer base. There are several elements that can contribute to an unforgettable shopping experience:

  • The ability to recognize and greet a customer
  • Providing relevant updates about new products and offers
  • Integrated social features such as sharing and peer recommendations
  • Instant feedback channels that encourage customer communication
  • An integrated online shopping channel in sync with the retail store
  • Simplified shopping experience with features such as store navigation
  • Targeted marketing initiatives and reward programs

Solution Overview

Creation of the next generation retail experience solution will require the convergence of the existing and new channels with the latest technological advancements. The solution from ITC Infotech uses technological innovations over the mobility platform to identify customers and provide customized in-store services. The solution helps retailers:

  • Connect with their target audience better
  • Offer personalized services to customers by providing a service platform
  • Create a differentiated user experience

A multidimensional approach helps bring convenience and connectedness to the shopping experience. Retail businesses can also integrate the solution with their in-house loyalty systems to gain access to rich reporting systems that provide extensive customer data about customers and their shopping habits. Customer recognition and customized service can thus become norm, resulting in superior-quality customer experience.


With advanced features such as m-checkout and paperless receipts, our retail solution can extensively overhaul the shopping experience that an outlet can provide to a customer.

  • Recognition of customers and creation of customized deals
  • Instant alerts on new arrivals, special offers and discounts
  • In-store navigation guides
  • An enhanced shopping experience with reduced dependence on associates
  • Coordinated shopping experiences across channels – in-store and online
  • Analytics and dashboards for trend analysis and footfall counts
  • Better cross-selling and upselling through an engaged customer experience

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