Platform of Intelligence for Airlines Industry

Platform of Intelligence for Airlines Industry flyer


The pandemic has forced the airlines industry to make drastic changes to their modus operandi. Here are some of the challenges it faces as it addresses these changes –

  • High occurrence of food and beverage wastage
  • Lack of optimization across different business processes
  • Issues in properly handling last-minute cancellations and no-show cases
  • Problems in real-time dynamic pricing
  • Difficulty in managing fuel tankering optimization

Summary of the solution

ITC Infotech leverages Microsoft Azure to develop a Platform of Intelligence for the airlines industry. It has the following advantages-
Personalization at scale for each customer

  • Optimization of the entire decision-making process
  • Ready-to-use interface which drastically reduces the time to market
  • Greater agility and improved operational efficiency
  • Hybrid cloud solutions offer better security against advanced threats

What’s in it for you?

  • The use of an overbooking recommendation engine increments your annual revenue by 0.05%
  • Over 90% accuracy in demand projection for a forecast window of 90 days
  • Machine learning increases passenger load factor by 0.5-0.7%. This contributes to maximizing revenue


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