Deliver Better Healthcare Outcomes: FHIR Compliance and Data Interoperability With ITC Infotech and Azure API

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  • Challenging to share and coalesce data from multiple healthcare stakeholders such as provider, patient, payer
  • Inadequate standardization of healthcare data formats
  • A short timeline to meet legal requirements such as Protected Health Information (PHI) and Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA)

Summary of the solution

ITC Infotech has developed a simple and easy to implement FHIR-based solution which comes with the following benefits –

  • Establishes a robust connection between different data sources such as health record systems and research databases
  • Provisions FHIR in the cloud in the shortest possible time
  • Security of Protected Health Data with FHIR APIs
  • Secure exchange of data across a global network
  • Role-based access control to mitigate unauthorized access
  • Audit log tracking of records for risk aversion

What’s in it for you?

  • Medical applications need to be written only once and can be accessed across healthcare systems
  • Web and mobile integration
  • Availability of real-time member data
  • Efficient data insights that are useful for making health predictions and fraud analytics for the payer
  • Fast-paced implementation of data from diverse, siloed sources



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