When rapid deployment reduces testing time from weeks or months to hours or days,

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The World Quality Report 2013-14 found an increased focus on testing as consumers continue to become less tolerant of applications with errors. To successfully test business applications end to end, across multiple user channels and through the distributed systems landscape and proliferation of system interfaces, organizations must have the right environment, controlled change and tailored support-practices.

Clients partner with us to leverage our cost-effective, flexible and quick cloud-based testing environments and solutions to validate and verify custom, business and enterprise applications – to drive greater efficiencies and deliver enhanced customer experiences.

Our cloud testing services offer cloud-based test environments to meet growing demands for robust accelerated testing and provide cost-effective, flexible solutions to validate and verify applications.




Our integrated test environments help test a variety of applications through on-demand test labs and tools that are flexible, secure and scalable. We also help manage complex, multi-platform environments. By simulating unavailable services in a virtual environment, we enable functional and performance testing for our clients – reducing both cost and time of production.

  1. test-environment-as-a-service

    Test Environment as a Service

    Our test environment as a service provides integrated test environments on the cloud for testing a variety of applications through on-demand test labs and tools that are flexible, secure and scalable, and provides management of complex, multi-platform environments. It includes environment provisioning, service virtualization, test data protection, wide range of testing tools and other services related to testing.

  2. service-virtualization

    Service Virtualization

    Service virtualization helps our clients address the challenges of developing and testing composite applications when they have limited access to services or services are unavailable. By simulating unavailable services in a virtual environment, service virtualization enables functional and performance testing in the application lifecycle, saving time and reducing the cost of developing and testing modern applications.

  3. test-data-management

    Test Data Management

    Our test data management service delivers quality data across all test environments using different techniques such as data virtualization, sub-setting, synthetic data creation, cloning, etc.

  4. test-data-protection

    Test Data Protection

    Our test data protection service offers the easiest way to protect and effectively utilize sensitive data using enterprise class data masking tools.

ITC Infotech has developed a proprietary tool to integrate testing platforms comprising environment provisioning, test management tools, test data management, reporting and dynamic dashboards.

Business benefits

Leveraging the cloud, our solution enables delivery of access to test environments on demand, eliminating capital expenditure with no resource constraints and wait times.

  • Faster time-to-market
  • Greater environment control
  • Increase productivity and efficiency
  • Lower defect leakage
  • Reduced threat of internal and external data breaches
  • Help meet compliance requirements of sensitive data protection
  • Minimize information risk when outsourcing or offshoring


Improve operational efficiencies via efficient testing, report development & quality assurance

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Of web applications tested had serious issues with authentication, access control, and confidentiality (HP Cyber Risk Report)


Mobile apps fall below basic security expectations


Of testing spend will shift from traditional testing to 'As a Service' model

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