Comprehensive testing enabling efficient product releases,

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“The need for API testing and service virtualization is becoming increasingly important as IT organizations develop bimodal capability to support mobile, digital business transformation initiatives in the Internet of Things,” Gartner says.

Clients across industries partner with ITC Infotech for comprehensive API testing, that provide several key advantages – each of which can improve the coverage of the test cycle, conserve resources, and result in faster and more efficient releases.

Service-oriented architectures and middleware transform businesses by integrating applications with business processes and establishing a communication layer between applications and back-end systems. Meanwhile, service virtualization shifts the ability to test applications earlier in their development life cycle, enabling quicker integration and release processes with higher quality and less risk. ITC Infotech’s middleware testing services along with service virtualizations help IT organizations minimize risks and optimize on costs by engaging early in the product development life cycle. We provide comprehensive, automated and maintainable test methodology to deliver component and integrated testing of the service-oriented architecture (SOA) and middleware.


API Testing and Service Virtualization


  • Robust automation of SOA-based integration services for a leading airlines helped in end to end tests which significantly reduced the time required to construct, execute, evaluate and manage their test scenarios with >90% coverage
  • Exhaustive functional and service automation testing solution for a leading retail group in South Africa providing effective test coverage for their source, middleware processing and destination systems with an overall >90% regression cycle time reduction

Tool capabilities

  • Open-source tools: SoapUI, Runscope, Postman and cURL
  • Commercial tools: HP unified functional testing, Ready! API by Smartbear, SoapUI pro, and TOSCA test suite

Business benefits

  • Well-defined and structured API test process methodology
  • Open source and commercial end-to-end API testing framework with service virtualization
  • Multi-point validation solution for every API transaction with SV – resulting in achieving effective, near 100% test coverage
  • Continuous integration and quality in iterative and agile environment
  • End to end automated testing of API’s for SOAP, REST and other protocols
  • ‘On Commit’ continuous integration in agile and iterative development process models


Improve operational efficiencies via efficient testing, report development & quality assurance

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Efficient Testing, Report Development & Quality Assurance...

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Testing Services Provided Through Dedicated TCoE Led to Improved Go-to-Market Time & Reduced Operational Cost

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Testing Services Provided Through Dedicated TCoE Leads to Improved...

Being an online based banking organization, IT forms the key backbone supporting the client’s business deliverables. ...


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Of web applications tested had serious issues with authentication, access control, and confidentiality (HP Cyber Risk Report)


Mobile apps fall below basic security expectations


Of testing spend will shift from traditional testing to 'As a Service' model

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