When business, operations and software development teams come together to fast-track creation of innovative technology systems,

it’s #Digitaligence at work!

Companies are migrating to the cloud for leaner, simplified and more cost-effective business processes – to effectively meet challenges of the digital dynamic – intensified competition and diminishing market share.

Clients from across industries partner with ITC Infotech to shift to a continuous delivery model through DevOps – where robust applications are created to match the speed of business.

We build and manage a digitaligent service delivery architecture inclusive of application assessment and migration, engineering, architecture services and managed DevOps, cloud service management and application performance management, powered by our proprietary tools and framework.


ITC Infotech is helping companies across the globe adhere to compliance regulations by aligning processes to industry best practices with the help of our accelerator frameworks. Our extensive experience of providing service in Cloud Engineering and DevOps have helped our clients fast-track the digital transformation of their service delivery practices.

  • Enabled rapid innovation by implementing quick PoCs
  • Implemented complete cloud strategy for product road map
  • Created sustenance programs for legacy product versions

ITC Infotech’s proprietary tools include:

Cloud Ocular

Cloud Ocular evaluates current application behavior, uses machine learning algorithms to predict anomalies with framework, plug and play architecture for easy integration and categorizes application for cloud enablement.

Cloud Ocular matches the right cloud provider and instance for application workload via a single window to look at total compute cost. The UI allows customers to take exceptions into account and helps in choosing application clusters more suited for cloud deployment in a 2X2 matrix.


ZICOS helps build the software development supply chain using open-source that allows designers to create test environments to match existing blueprint. It further provides dashboard catering to all facets of organization and extensible architecture that supports on-premise and public cloud providers.

ZICOS’ extensible architecture, one-click install set-up for big data cluster, single window insights for delivery to deployment and ability to integrate with the customer’s provider of choice, makes it a reliable choice to optimize ROI.

Business benefits

  • Cost-effective and flexible projects by leveraging our proven Hybrid delivery model
  • A smooth and successful shift to digital transformation, by leveraging our Cloud Ocular framework
  • Higher compliance with company policies and metrics
  • Ease in administering policies
  • Better security risk mitigation
  • Enhanced resource utilization
  • Operational efficiency
  • Easy management of distributed development and test teams in agile release engineering by leveraging ITC Infotech’s ZICOS governance framework


Data Plumbing at Work
Are you data rich, information poor? Are you drowning in data, and starving for insights? Experience ITC Infotech's expertise across a range of Hadoop tools.

Trade Promotions Optimization

Contextualize Customer Experience across channels


iTech 2016 – Startup Showcase


Cosmo Films Partners With ITC Infotech


50% +

Major new business processes and systems will incorporate some element of IoT


Of all business content will be authored by machines by 2018


US jobs which could be replaced by AI by 2035

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