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Digital documents are key assets in the new technology dynamic, allowing quicker and easier access and locating of important files and documents that drive greater efficiencies. Security is a prime concern, and it’s imperative that confidential documents are secured and monitored.

Clients across industries partner with ITC Infotech to create a secure and automated system to overcome limitations of manual document management systems. By automating and simplifying the filing system, ITC Infotech’s solution provides an effective mechanism to manage documents and files with smart use of technologies such as RFID, mobility and barcode with built-in confidentiality features.


Digital Document Management Solution


Many organizations still use conventional filing and document management systems. This unstructured and unsegregated file collation method results in chaotic processes and makes it difficult to locate and access information. Organizations need a solution that facilitates users to self-allocate and return files methodically.

  • Manage file records by tagging and associating file-RFID tags
  • Notify critical status of file records through e-mail triggers
  • Capabilities for bulk upload of data and reporting with export features
  • Inbuilt search-and-locate functionality with customized handheld terminal (HHT) for carrying applications that ease tracking, tracing and locating specific files and documents
  • Access file locations at any given point of time with zero lag and reliance on search


ITC Infotech’s solution is a web-based application that provides dynamic updates regarding personnel movement with files between RFID portals. This centrally accessible solution equips users with folder details along with the present location and user details. Handheld terminals aid folder-RFID tag association and inventory management functionality.

  • Document locating: Identifying the precise location of a document instantly, saving valuable time spent locating, redoing or rewriting documents, and ultimately improving service
  • Data security: If a sensitive or important document leaves a designated area with an unauthorized person, or is gone for longer than a predetermined time, send an alert or trigger an alarm to have that file retrieved
  • Usage tracking: Automatically track how long each document is “checked out” and by whom, allowing one to better classify files for archiving or storage purposes
  • Legal compliance: Through a better understanding of the location and integrity of all the documents, complying with laws and regulations is easier
  • Placement integrity: Send an alert to the designated employees when a misplaced file is identified; the file can then be secured and refiled properly (in a cabinet, shelf, room or building)


  • Increased operational excellence
  • Self-issue and return procedure of solid media
  • Organized upkeep of materials
  • Easily deployable application without any requirement of integration
  • Coordinates and optimizes accurate inventory
  • Reporting module


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