When a 40% increase in shipping container management results in a 100% increase in revenue,

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Profitability is directly linked to efficient loading and offloading of container ships. The requirement and necessity of tracking containers might seem huge, but statistics show just 2% of containers globally are tracked and monitored.

Shipping and freight management companies partner with ITC Infotech to increase efficiency by implementing our container-tracking and management solution. By leveraging advancements in wireless sensing and RFID technologies, we have created a comprehensive tracking and monitoring solution for transporting containers and its contents.

Clients have streamlined and optimized the business operations by adopting our solution, resulting in increased profits, through faster and efficient shipping processes.


Container Management Solution


The shipping industry requires an effective shipping management solution capable of eliminating bottlenecks in ascertaining real-time location of containers and ensuring efficient operation of global end-to-end supply chains. The industry is also struggling with tackling inoperable planning that results in heavy congestion at container terminals, which in turn leads to delays.

GPS location services to verify secure loading of the container at the loading point and at the container freight stations where they are stored for longer durations can add great value to operations. Damage of containers and tamper events also need to be checked.


ITC Infotech’s Container Management solution is a web-based application with a mobile app add-on that identifies a container uniquely along with its accurate location in the open yard, in three dimensions. The solution is used by yard employees to find suitable locations for incoming containers, locate specific containers in the huge yard and inventory the containers easily.

End customers access the solution to check container status in terms of its physical location, time duration and cost. The system is built around reusable RFID tags for containers and incorporates a combination of GPS, GSM/GPRS and Wi-Fi technologies in other parts of the system chain such as cranes, check points and RFID readers. The solution also has the ability to extend the functionality of the container yard system to include remote container tracking through GPS/GPRS modules.

Our solution is designed to optimize utilization of space and resources, and track the location of the container instantly. It possesses rich reporting and export features designed to enhance user experience.


  • Greater visibility and control over terminal operations
  • Improved terminal operational efficiency
  • Real-time container tracking
  • Optimal utilization of terminal capacity
  • Online access to end customers
  • Terminal dashboard as value addition
  • ROI in appreciable time period resulting in decreased costs and improved revenues
  • No recurring costs as cost-effective reusable RFID tags are used
  • Improves supply chain efficiency and reduces costs
  • Deters theft, diversion and counterfeiting


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