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Asset management is a top priority for growing organizations. As organizations grow in size and complexity, while expanding operations across the globe, there is a need to gain greater control and visibility of people, assets and location.

Clients partner with ITC Infotech for optimum utilization of resources and improved productivity. We work with clients to deliver agility and flexibility through our Asset Management solution.

Our solution is designed to deliver easy asset management through mobile access, resource independence and analytical insights – effectively meeting the challenges of enterprise asset visibility using different technologies like RFID, barcode and mobility, while simultaneously integrating with enterprise systems for real-time data exchange.


Digital Asset Tracking Solution


Companies across industries require automated asset management solution to gain visibility of assets, with the ability to manage round cycle process of any asset. Operationally the solution should also reduce potential human errors, create an easier workflow along with report generation and audits. An effective solution needs to be an easy plug-n-play system, integrated with the company’s back-end in-house ERP system, ensuring no changes are required on their interface.

  • Handheld applications offering off-line, on-requirement-based sync mechanism
  • Quick scan functionality capturing QR code and serial number for verification and authorization
  • Scalable across multiple geographical locations, providing a SaaS-based approach
  • Facilitate business users to mobilize operations even in non-connected locations
  • Store data locally
  • Customized solution that facilitates both web-based and mobile-based services


ITC Infotech offers an elegant asset management solution to bridge the gap between physical assets spread across the organization and connections to enterprise systems by providing options to employ a combination of RFID and 2D barcode to identify a variety of assets and then use web and mobile applications to identify, monitor and audit physical assets. Our solution is universally designed to ensure that any integration required with back-end ERP systems is easily achievable with minimal rework. Our solution is platform-agnostic, enabling faster adoption across devices and platforms.

  • Procurement teams can raise and close purchase orders and pro forma invoices
  • Asset team can tag, allocate and perform inventory on assets
  • Audit team can access applications for auditing, verification and relevant services

Our solution covers the complete lifecycle of an asset – from the RFQ stage to write off, and includes the following modules:

  • Web module: Provides complete dataset and analytical information of all tagged assets, facilitates master data creation, bulk upload, inventory management with historic and real-time reporting
  • Handheld terminal: Helps business user generate 2D barcode tags at asset location dynamically, associates them with existing or new asset by creating and updating relevant information table and updates authorized association of all assets to the server
  • Printers: Provides both instant, on-demand printing of tags on the fly using Bluetooth printers connected to handheld terminals as well as network-connected barcode printers for bulk printing
  • Mobile application: Camera feed of mobile device is consumed to capture barcode details of asset to authorize, authenticate and relocate in a simple and user-friendly way


  • Minimal resource and time consumption
  • Reduction of errors in the overall work process
  • Diligent management of assets
  • Efficient tracking and location management asset data throughout the asset life cycle
  • Ideal inventory management
  • Effective and speedy procurement cycle


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