Delivering cognitive insights from IoT,

is #Digitaligence at work!

IoT innovations are pushing growth across the value chain. The intersection of people, data and intelligent machines has far-reaching impact on productivity, efficiency and operations across industries.

ITC Infotech’s IoT offerings catalyze digital transformation for clients in Retail, CPG, Manufacturing, Supply chain and Asset Management opening up a new era of economic growth and competitiveness.



As an IoT partner, ITC Infotech delivers a comprehensive approach to integration across all five IoT layers – edge, connectivity, service layer, analytics and enterprise system integration.

Starting with remote monitoring, where we acquire communication data from devices to cloud or gateway installation, our teams analyze data with sophisticated analytical models to provide clients with actionable insights. We empower asset management solutions through asset tracking, asset utilization and life cycle planning.

We help clients boost revenues by increasing production and creating new hybrid business models, exploit intelligent technologies to fuel innovation and transform their workforce.

Our Solutions

  • Enterprise applications: To deliver efficiency gains
  • AR-VR applications: When perceived reality is superimposed with digital information
  • Data science: When businesses all around look for insights generated through advanced analytics using statistical techniques
  • Remote monitoring and diagnostics: Efficient asset management across areas such as demand analysis, configuration management, maintenance delivery, fault incidence and response, data information and management, asset performance and health monitoring

Our Services

  • Platforms: Select the best-of-breed IoT platforms
  • Devices: Advisory and consulting services in selecting the right device as per the business requirements
  • Network: Guide clients on spreading the range of their connectivity by advising the right choice of network elements
  • Domain: Drive transformational strategies for clients, right from defining the various phases of strategy development and execution



iTech 2015 – IoT Hackathon
iTech 2015 was truly a confluence of tech enthusiasts, a playground for the curious minds and a melting pot of ideas. With over 800 registrations and 180+ IoT solution ideas, 36 teams & 120...

Be future ready with DigitaligenceAtWork by MD & CEO...

iTech 2016: AR/VR Hackathon

PLM Partners in Progress: PTC

Data Plumbing at Work



$11 tr

Total economic impact of IoT globally, by 2025


Reduction in maintenance cost by application of IoT


Reduction in unplanned outages through connected, interoperable systems

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