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The manufacturing industry worldwide is witnessing change constantly and drastic transformations. The most recent development is the new wave of industrial automation technologies. OEMs are being riddled with newer and tougher challenges in the new product development segment.

Clients across industries partner with ITC Infotech to address the challenges of constant cost pressures, shortening product lifecycles and increasing demand for complex products – leveraging our next-gen technologies in product development processes to deliver cutting-edge innovations.

At ITC Infotech, we help empower our client’s product development processes with leading PLM solutions – providing end-to-end capabilities across the discrete manufacturing product lifecycle – allowing businesses achieving product excellence while embracing the new industrial wave.


ITC Infotech helps manufacturers innovate faster by leveraging core expertise and next-gen technologies in their product development processes. From design and development using CAD and PLM solutions to requirements management, cost and compliance, manufacturing process management and after-sales service management using Service Lifecycle Management (SLM), we enable quick value realization through extensive use of best practice templates, tools and accelerator frameworks.

ITC Infotech is recognized as an industry leader in PLM implementations, helping our clients address complex product development challenges.

Value added solutions

We enable faster time-to-market for our clients through our pre-built solutions and accelerators:


PLM for Small and Medium Businesses

A pre-configured accelerator with industry best practices to support product development activities of small and medium businesses – reducing implementation time by over 50%


Automotive Quality Process Accelerator

Our solution enhances product development, project management, manufacturing process and quality with end-to-end Advanced Product Quality Planning (APQP) process support


Enquiry Management

Our solution helps improve response time, traceability and collaboration by managing artifacts related to enquiries and their responses


Smart Manufacturing Solution

Based on PTC ThingWorx IoT, our solution monitors equipment for performance and responds immediately to any exceptional situation with corrective actions


Implementation Accelerators

Accelerators to accelerate deployment like Jlink-based CAD integration framework, Jenkins deployment and SAP middleware-based ERP integration



Case study

Driving End-user Adoption for PLM Implementation

Our client was looking for a solution which would enable faster adoption for a large user base, effectively manage ...

Case study

Integrated Technical Content Delivery System Leads to Significant...

A leading automobile manufacturer was facing challenges in creating informative user guides and technical manuals to ...
Leading Car Audio Maker Achieves Real-time Visibility into Product Cost Early in the Development Cycle

Case study

Leading Car Audio Maker Achieves Real-time Visibility into Product...

The product development team of the client was accustomed to using spreadsheets for cost estimation and relied on ...
Leader in Diesel Engines Reduces Time to Respond to Changes in Design driven by Manufacturing

Case study

Leader in Diesel Engines Reduces Time to Respond to Changes in Design...

With our solution of two separate BOMs –Engineering BOM (eBOM) and Manufacturing BOM (mBOM), engineers could now ...
Global Graphics Computing Giant Improves Agility with Better Alignment of Product Development Processes to Business Growth

Case study

Global Graphics Computing Giant Improves Agility with Better...

Our solution helped the Customer transform and migrate product development data and processes into the latest PLM ...
Global Auto Supplier Increases Design Performance by Connecting Distributed Product Teams & Processes

Case study

Global Auto Supplier Increases Design Performance by Connecting...

Our solution enabled faster cycle time with a streamlined single system for all product development activities. The ...


Value delivery in action: Pricol
Pricol is an automotive components and precision engineered products manufacturer. Hear directly from Pricol Group Chief Information & Technology Officer talk about creating value with ITC Infotech...

iTech 2016: AR/VR Hackathon

iTech 2015 – IoT Hackathon

PLM Partners in Progress: PTC

Enabling future readiness through PLM Services &...


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$350 bn

Investments in digital operation technologies by US manufacturers in the next 5 years


Reduction in costs per annum for the next 5 year, by digitising products


Years to extract ROI from investments in Digital technologies

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