Getting from art-to-part efficiencies, quickly and cost effectively,

is #Digitaligence at work!

The Industrial engineering services sector is getting increasingly competitive and volatile – with increasing pressure on companies to expand product portfolios, enhance service capability, optimize costs and meet changing regulatory compliance.

Leading global manufacturers are partnering with ITC Infotech for end to end art-to-part solutions in parts, system design, integrating design, development, validation and troubleshooting product ranges.


Our solutions have helped clients address critical engineering design and development challenges across areas – New product development, Mechanical design, Engineering analysis, Electrical and controls, BIM services, Cost-out services, Sourcing support, Reverse engineering and Technical publication.

We offer industrial engineering services to clients across sectors and regions. Our systematic and proven approach to design process reduces multiple iterations, reducing time-to-value.

ITC Infotech has also registered patents in the furniture industry for US based customer.

Business benefits

  • Knowledge repository methodology: Our unique methodology leads to quick turnaround of delivery
  • Ongoing cost optimization: Our services help in reducing assembly cost and total seating cost by 30%
  • End-to-end services & support: We provide comprehensive design support from concept stage to final delivery and registration of patents
  • Reduced time-to-market: We combine engineering designs and analysis in the product development process to enable faster product delivery – helping reduce the time-to-market
  • Lean design: As a part of our design process, we ensure a modern and effective design by incorporating value engineering
  • Increasing reliability by design: We help eliminate hidden costs associated with product recall, re-design and replacement of parts
  • Multi-technology: To effectively tackle increasing product complexities




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Insightful data enabling informed decisions

Bringing new products to market: Stanadyne


Top 2

key priorities are education and the development of skills. Companies have to build their R&D capabilities, as well as expertise in data analytics and product design


In US, every dollar of manufacturing output requires 19 cents of services


Reduction in costs per annum for the next 5 year, by digitising products

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