When smart engineering tanks up on intelligent data to help you create better automobiles,

it’s #Digitaligence at work!

Fully autonomous vehicles are the future. Intelligent cars are quickly moving from drawing sheets to the streets – giving customers the first taste of relinquishing control of a vehicle. Automakers need to implement transformational technology addressing design challenges to meet performance goals in battery life and warranty, downsize engines and develop advanced combustion modes.

Automotive industry leaders are partnering with ITC Infotech to accelerate time taken from concept to product launch – through our end to end solutions from part and system design, interiors, exteriors, seating, Body in White (BIW) areas to design and development of various product lines.


Clients turn to ITC Infotech for solving critical engineering design and development challenges in product engineering, CAE validation, electrical system and wiring harness design, manufacturing drawings, technical publication, prototyping, setting benchmarks, tear down and reverse engineering processes.

Business benefits

  • Reduced risk of product failure: Optimize the design process with more prototype iterations, thereby reducing failure risks
  • Leaner design: Ensure a modern and effective design by incorporating value engineering as a part of the design process.
  • Reduced timeto-market: Faster product delivery by combining engineering design and validation.
  • Cost effective products: Evaluation of least cost alternatives, even before the development of the first prototype.




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The Right Ergonomics for the Right Automotive Design

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With he multitude of vehicles being driven today, designing seats that cater to all three aspects can be very ...


Product Development: Fisher Dynamics

Hear Fisher Dynamics Director talk about the engagement with ITC Infotech to deliver key global products by leveraging CAD, Design and Analysis Services.

Fisher Dynamics is an engineered...

iTech 2016: AR/VR Hackathon

Partners in Progress: Solvay

Insightful data enabling informed decisions

Bringing new products to market: Stanadyne



Focus is on development of autonomous vehicles and fuel economy


Cars will be connected and have network solutions by 2020


Increase in global profits for automotive OEMs by 2020 - driven mainly by growth in emerging markets

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