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Leading global companies across industries work with ITC Infotech for large scale data management and data integration requirements – to improve their ability to isolate insights and streamline global operations. Our productized solution is configurable based on an organization’s unique requirements and offers a ready-made, low maintenance and flexible product, built on technology by Informatica.

Clients use ITC Infotech’s Partner Data Manager (PDM) solution to efficiently handle large volumes of partner data exchange between partners and their Oracle Siebel Loyalty applications. The solution also extends as an ‘any file exchange’ product for multiple industries such as insurance, hospitality and finance, in line with data-lineage related compliance requirements. The prepackaged solution helps save time and costs in development, integration and testing, employing ready-made templates for integrating industry standard loyalty partner data.


Tech teams across organizations face difficulties in data integration processes. Seamless data integration across multiple channels, regions and different business verticals form the crux of several large-scale projects – such as global corporate loyalty programs. Complex systems that manage these operations need to ensure that business users are provided with monitoring and configuration-related control over these processes, and the flexibility to calibrate systems to current business needs.

  • Multiple channels and regions
  • Multiple business divisions
  • Large member bases and huge number of transactions
  • Integration of non-core loyalty partners


ITC Infotech’s Partner Data Manager is a flexible and scalable multi-domain data exchange and data integration solution. Our solution integrates key components to address issues that typically arise during data integration efforts.

ITC Infotech has extensive experience of delivering value to clients across critical initiatives, including:

  • Implementation services: ITC Infotech deploys a lean team to implement partner file exchange (PFX)). Beyond standard activities, we also provide extended support, post the implementation.
  • Hardware platform and design: We help clients assess server and storage requirements and select the best suited technology.
  • Database and applications: Our specialization in Oracle, SQL Server and DB2 enables us to work on data from any source and in any format to make it Seibel-ready. We also customize for applications other than Siebel.
  • Hosting and network: We offer partner file exchange hosting services for database and applications as per predefined SLAs, with regional and local level connectivity in EMEA, Americas and APAC. Global connectivity is also an optional service with maturity.
  • Support and upgrade: We provide technical support up to third level for partner file exchange products which includes problem diagnosis, identifying performance deficiencies and resolution in the form of work-around or patch.


  • Faster implementation cycle with heterogeneous data sources and formats
    Standardizing accumulated data from across sources is a key component of our integration service. Data integration frequencies can be configured to suit each client’s unique business requirements. While automation comes handy, manual loads are also enabled.
  • Easy traceability and better data validation
    It is important to retain partner data identity, even as integration takes place across platforms and businesses. Our solution provides complete traceability of the data from origin to intermediate stages all the way to the target. Our solution adequately addresses requirements of data configuration and validation, in addition to process statuses and logs – providing complete process transparency and support.
  • Prepackaged, time-saving solution
    Our solution is tailored specifically to optimize costs and time – with ready-made templates for integrating industry standard partner data. We also support out-of-the-box loyalty operational systems such as accruals, retro, enrollments and hand-backs. We provide a sophisticated, single handshaking mechanism to update source owners on the data received – ensuring end-to-end data saliency.




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Of the world’s data in 2016 has been created in the past two years


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