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Gartner in its report Top 10 Predictions for 2017 and Beyond predicts that by 2020, 100 million consumers will use augmented reality for a variety of purposes. Augmented Reality (AR) is the interaction of digital information with your environment real time. Be it a service technician looking at the functioning of complex machinery, a consumer thinking through furniture in his living room or an engineer remotely assisting the installation of equipment, AR provides powerful digital experiences. AR is the overlay of information including digital media onto a real-time view of the physical environment through a smartphone or tablet’s camera.


Service leaders tend to become market leaders.  Excellence in service is enabled by providing self-service, assisted service and field service options to your customers, call center agents & technicians.  Augmented Reality (AR) solutions help raise the bar for service by providing overlays of information that is found in applications across maintenance records, inspection and repair manuals, engineering specifications and displaying it on the physical features of the asset or machine. Data augmented from sensors using the Internet of Things (IoT) makes AR solutions more powerful. AR & IoT solutions combined allow service technicians to quickly access machine statistics to help make informed maintenance decisions with minimal training.


Oracle’s portfolio for Customer Experience (CX) applications is best of breed and is highly recommended by clients. PTC’s Thingworx Experience (formerly Vuforia ) is the industry’s market leader in augmented reality solutions. ITC Infotech’s “Augmented Reality for Connected Service” solution is built drawing upon our success of delivering IoT & CX applications to our clients.

ITC Infotech is an Oracle Platinum Partner and a strategic partner with PTC. Some of the features provided in the Augmented Reality (AR) solution include the below

Self Service Accessing a knowledge base which has FAQ’s , manuals and training material in an AR overlay
Self Service Guided questionnaire to help resolve maintenance issues
Assisted Service Interacting with call center agents to help diagnose & fix issues
Assisted Service Order parts to stock or help with current repair
Field Service Help technicians read and assess IoT data
Field Service View past maintenance schedule based on previously recorded incidents, activities and asset information


As organizations evolve to service based revenue models, providing excellence in service through all channels become paramount to that goal. Augmented Reality for Connected Service provide tools to help customers, call center agents and field service technicians to engage and drive service excellence.

Oracle CX Applications referred to here may include Oracle Service Cloud, Oracle Policy Automation, Oracle Field Service Cloud, Oracle Commerce Cloud , Oracle IoT , Oracle ERP Cloud, Oracle EBS & Oracle Siebel CRM.  

Click here for the joint release from ITC Infotech, Oracle & PTC.


  • Faster Resolution:  Guiding users to identify minor problems and solve them on their own ensures that the issues are resolved faster, more easily, and without expert intervention (which usually takes longer).
  • Lower failure rates: Since the immersive experience AR ensures makes it easy to identify the actual cause of product malfunctioning, providing specific and relevant solutions is easier.
  • Easier root cause analysis: Since the continuous stream of data from the product to the IoT cloud helps monitor the health parameters of the product better and in real-time, it becomes easier to diagnose issues.


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Over 50%

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CX will overtake price and product as the key differentiating factor


Marketers agree personalization of the digital experience is critical to current and future success

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