RPA in Operations: Making operations more effective!

‘Effective’ is the keyword in defining and driving operations as a practice. Here are some processes that must be performed effectively for an organization to be known for having the backbone of an efficient operation:

  • Using fewer resources to perform the same tasks/activities
  • Managing an entire production system
  • Managing quality and services

  • Managing suppliers, customers, and employees
  • Inventory planning and control
  • Managing cost and budget
  • Ensuring productive lead times

The above-listed parameters vary from industry to industry, but the thing that remains constant is the fact that eliminating non-productive, mundane, time-consuming, error-prone activities increases operational capabilities, which can be easily achieved through RPA.


The core objective of the operations functions in an organization is to reduce operating costs and increase process throughput. The mantra is to “do more in less time and effort,” and to achieve greater efficiency in operations, automation is the technology enabler.

Organizations generally focus on the following key metrics – productivity improvement, quality improvement, meeting the highest standards of customer service, and communicating with cross-functional teams. ITC Infotech has successfully identified automation pockets in the operations domain and also designed and delivered process automation using RPA.

Business benefits

  • Reduce operational cost of standardized and established processes
  • Increase employee productivity by optimizing and automating redundant tasks
  • Monitor quality benchmarks to meet regulatory compliance
  • Optimize the turnaround time by reduced lead times for processes and tasks
  • Gain better control on performance and reporting


ITC Infotech’s iTech 2016 will bring together the best and the brightest technology minds to create prototypes with the potential to scale up rapidly for quick enterprises adoption, with ITC Infotech experts assisting them every step of the way.


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