Automation is a key foundational capability for effective operations of today’s businesses. Taking a giant stride towards this objective, ITC Infotech presents a significantly differentiated Automation offering.

Through RPA we are on a quest to automate time-consuming manual tasks for our clients with the objective to free up their bandwidth & create room for knowledge-based initiatives which can help catapult enterprise growth to the next level. We can thus empower organizational pool of talent by augmenting its potential. The intent of implementing RPA is to enable the existing employees to do more, rather than making do with a smaller workforce.

We are committed to help our clients accelerate their enterprise automation journey and drive business outcomes by leveraging automation. At ITC Infotech we place automation at the very core of our offerings and embrace automation in a transformative manner. Our automation capabilities span across Automation Anywhere, UI Path, Blue Prism, Pega and others.

Here’s what RPA brings to table:

  • 50% improvement in customer satisfaction
  • Over 10% reduction in operating cost
  • Up to 40% reduction in processing time
  • 25-60% reduction in wage costs


ITC Infotech is pioneering the automation revolution by creating an Intelligent Digital Workforce in partnership with Automation Anywhere. The company is developing personal digital BOTs to enable employees automate and execute repetitive tasks and functions. ITC Infotech plans on equipping every employee of ITC Infotech with a digital BOTmaking this initiative a first-of-its-kind global enterprise deployment of digital BOTs by a technology services organization. With time, these digital buddies will be enriched with intelligent predictive capabilities.

We offer 360-degree solutions to help enterprises adopt RPA. Our systematic approach covers the following:

  • Implementation and managed services
  • Process discovery and prioritization
  • Product evaluation and selection
  • Enterprise automation strategy and roadmap
  • Automation support services

ITC Infotech’s vision is to help clients across industry clusters such as CPG, Retail, Manufacturing, Hi-Tech, Food & Beverages, Banking & Financial Services, Airlines and Information Technology to amplify workforce productivity through automation. Making this vision a reality is our partnership with industry-leading RPA platforms such as Automation Anywhere and UiPath.



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