Predicting operational bottlenecks and enabling team to proactively address them

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For an airline, its operations are at the core of the business and incur a majority of costs for the company.  Furthermore, airline operations directly impact passenger experience during airline service.

Business leaders that oversee deliver superior customer experience during the travel phase:

  • Maintain cost advantage through efficient operations
  • Deliver superior customer experience during the journey phase
  • Convert Ancillary Revenue opportunities at airport or onboard

ITC Infotech’s Operations Insights Solution provides intelligence-based analytics to Operations team that help drive cost and process efficiency. Increasingly, Operations teams are leveraging Advanced analytics to predict possible challenges that may come up in the future and proactively addressing them to deliver seamless operations.


Airline Operations may be executed using SOPs, but every day, every flight tends to throw a new opportunity for Ops Teams to roll up sleeves, and find a work around. Seldom does the Ops team have access to relevant data at finger tips that would help them anticipate bottlenecks or irregularities before those strike! Furthermore such data may come from diverse external, and internal sources!


ITC Infotech’s Ops-Insight solution provides Ops teams with a scientific framework to analyze how situations may unfold or how efficiency can be enhanced with minimal cost implications.

Basis our deep domain knowledge, we have pre-populated metric model, and analysis flows, that capture nuances of analytics requirement for an airline revenue organization.

Our domain-oriented data scientists developed customizable solution suite leveraging mathematical models and machine learning algorithms to predict operational hazard and its potential mitigation plan through stochastic simulation environment. These solutions use both internal and external data sources to generate actionable insights in the form of executive reports, prescriptive simulator, mobile alerts etc. on a near real-time basis.


  • Airline operations teams get actionable insights basis latest and relevant data
  • Our domain expertise means that the business users need to spend limited time with us, and can focus on running Operations
  • Our domain aligned Data Scientists can design custom statistical models basis the best fit of an approach as per available data & business challenges
  • Airlines find a trustworthy partner in us – one who can deliver diagnostic capabilities to  predictive analytics at the sub-functional level
  • As we are technology agnostic, airlines do not need to scrap prevailing technology platforms or applications, thereby saving costs


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