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Airlines business is capital intensive and susceptible to highly dynamic external and internal factors. Therefore, it requires a visionary leadership team to leverage deep insights that will help them stay ahead of the competition while keeping costs low.

These insights include gaining an understanding of factors that contribute to an event and evaluating scenarios that are driven by complex business drivers. It is crucial that such insights are made available on demand, and in a timely manner.

ITC Infotech’s Airlines Analytics Solution suite enhances Analytics Maturity Quotient across the company’s business functions. Leading airlines from around the globe have leveraged our analytics capabilities to pursue profitable business strategies!


Airline business generates massive amounts of data. Traditionally such data is stored, processed & analyzed in a silo-ed manner.

Airline functional teams, now more than ever, require both the company’s data as well as external data, to deliver insights that they can leverage to shape organizational strategy. Traditional BI approaches do not offer much help in achieving this critical goal. Airlines that invest in BI platforms seldom see the desired ROI. Finally, business owners are simply left with more tables and charts, and too many unanswered questions.


ITC Infotech’s Airline Analytics suite provides a sophisticated yet simple approach to enhance analytics functions for Airline Business users – whether it is RM, Sales, Loyalty & Marketing or Flight Operations.

Our solution is fully customizable. It broadly consists of domain-specific metric model, analysis flows, and data science models. Our impeccable data science capabilities enable airlines to migrate from traditional BI to ML-based problem solving. The solution has complex what-if analysis scenarios built into it for Marketing, Loyalty, and Operations departments. Furthermore, the approach is technology agnostic. This means that any business function or member of the airline’s executive management team can be involved in the consumption and processing of data, as well in leveraging insights.


  • Airlines do not need to expend any effort into explaining business nuances or specific terminology as the ITC Infotech team is highly domain focused and possesses relevant expertise.
  • Our consultative approach provides airlines with an analytics maturity roadmap and the option to customize the solution to address their priorities
  • Our domain oriented Data Scientists can tweak statistical models based on available data parameters and business challenges
  • Airlines find a trustworthy partner in us that can deliver diagnostic capabilities and predictive analytics, across the functional landscape
  • As we are technology agnostic, airlines do not need to scrap existing technology platforms or applications, thereby saving costs
  • Our plug-n-play approach ensures minimal disruption within the IT landscape and greater overall satisfaction to business users


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