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Do you have collaboration & communication tools to connect employees across locations

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Are your employees equipped with hardware & internet solutions to connect from anywhere

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Are your managers comfortable to manage large teams in a work from anywhere model

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Are your customers supportive of a work from anywhere approach

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Is the firm reducing existing large floor space offices for solutions that allow flexibility (e.g n lieu of dynamic workspaces & multi city hubs)

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Are your operations and policies realigned to allow and encourage work from anywhere for your employees

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Have productivity measures & Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) redrawn in the context of extended work from anywhere

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Do employees (barring mission critical) have the flexibility to choose where they would like to work from

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Do you have digitized the process of talent acquistion i.e. application, verifications, candidate feedback & offer rollout

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Are your compensation/ benefits and other related policies updated for a work from anywhere model

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Is your organization enabled to remotely on-board and engage new employees as and when they join

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Have you completed an extensive information security policy rehaul for extended working from anywhere model

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Do employees, customers and contractors leverage approved infrastructure & cloud applications for official work

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Do leaders and managers from your organization connect with employees on a regular basis (weekly / fortnightly)

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Do you have an assistance program to help workers manage their physical and psychological wellness

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Your appeals and apprehensions from a Work From Home model