When applied innovation augments growth,

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Digital technologies can be successfully harnessed for sustained business growth by incubating innovations. However, the digital paradigm mandates a fresh approach to foster innovation. It require a series of rapid incremental innovations to effectively create truly disruptive technology solutions.

Clients across industries work with ITC Infotech’s Innoruption Labs to envision the future by bringing in innovations from emerging technologies. ITC Infotech’s Innoruption Labs puts early stage cutting edge developments in technology to work for businesses – from quick POCs for assessing business relevance to validating propositions, and developing solution prototypes.

Through research labs and experience centres, ITC Infotech’s Innoruption Labs are developing potentially game-changing solutions through a combination of dedicated research engineers, analysts, business & technology consultants and industry domain experts. Clients also partner with us to quickly assess, test, validate, and judge feasibility and viability of new technologies for their unique business challenges.


Augmented Reality / Virtual Reality (AR/VR)

Print to Life

Print media such as brochures, visiting cards, flyers etc are usually static. However, using AR/VR solution, printed materials can be made interactive, dynamic and contextual – brochures can highlight videos, visiting cards can project photographs, virtual buttons to click and send emails etc.

Virtual Reality Tour

This solution allows potential consumers to view prime properties and environments from remote locations. A virtual tour to provide additional information on different spaces in the environment, interactivity similar to gazing, and clicking events to bring up information.

Visual Indoor Navigation

Navigating inside airports, exhibitions or big shopping malls can be daunting for users have to follow directions or maps. An AR/VR based indoor navigation solution can use smart tiles with unique patterns to provide interactive navigation.

AI and Bots

Travel Bot

ITC Infotech’s Travel Bot solution enables airlines to chat with flyers. Flyers get a virtual assistant that can talk to them, answer questions and provide guidance in travel planning, while bringing a familiar user experience like texting or talking. The solution embeds Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Natural Language Processing (NLP) to understand the flyers input and provides required information. This solution can be embedded directly into a website or can be integrated with third party apps like Skype, Messenger, Slack, Twilio etc.

Machine Learning

Natural User Interface (NUI)

This is a revolutionary new way to operate: no mouse or keyboard controllers required for displays and apps. The solutions is built on Microsoft Kinect and uses spatial gestures for interaction instead of a mouse, keyboard or controller to operate. The solution offers catalogue browsing using simple hand gestures.

Digitize Paper Documents

This solution organizes scanned pages into multiple documents with auto segregation and auto metadata extraction (for multiple content types) using built-in OCR capabilities. This solution makes it easy to file directly to SharePoint at one click or to any other repository. This solution is compatible with all popular scanners and follows the Open standard compliance.

Face Recognition and Authentication with Fingerprint

The solution is used to authorize access or track people movement. It uses advanced face recognition techniques, and displays the person's photograph on a screen to the concerned authorities. It also prompts personnel to authenticate with his/her fingerprint action thereby allowing secure access controls.

Success Delivered

Enterprise Social

ITC Infotech created an enterprise-wide social collaboration platform that converges communication & collaboration to foster a truly innovative environment.

Using a custom built framework “Enterprise Social Accelerator” on Microsoft Sharepoint 2013 as the foundation, ITC Infotech re-launched the company intranet portal to enable easy collaboration, real-time updates and access to organization wide applications through a single portal with unified navigation. The integrated intranet portal also enables orchestrated collaboration for employees spread across the globe. The portal also integrated seamlessly with the company’s ERP system, enabling quick access to employee profile data and insights information.

The company’s traditional intranet & knowledge sharing portal was unidirectional and had several limitations:

  • Lack of collaborative capabilities
  • Limited search features
  • Unidirectional top-to-bottom communication
  • Traditional web interface
  • No integration with ERP and other internal applications
  • Cost overheads for maintaining & managing content

The out-of-the-box SharePoint capabilities coupled with ITC Infotech’s Enterprise Social Accelerator helped design a modern Enterprise Intranet. ITC Infotech deployed the custom built Enterprise Social Accelerator framework on the Sharepoint 2013 platform and built a comprehensive portal that could deliver the desired communication and collaboration framework to any number of employee base.



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Bank jobs could be replaced with automated banking by 2027


Funding growth in AR/VR during the first half of 2016, over 2015

$ 94 bn

AR and VR market size to grow to USD 94 Billion by 2023

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