When omni-channel touch-points deliver contextual, personalized customer experiences,

it’s #Digitaligence at work!

In a business environment driven by digital forces, disruption, and rapid-fire innovation, globalization is steering borderless growth across established and emerging markets. Customers are demanding evolved systems of engagement that are personalized, contextual, and custom-made for individual usability and utility.

To thrive in the new dynamic, software vendors and enterprise business units are partnering with ITC Infotech to drive IP-led services of web-scale architecture, governance and accelerator frameworks to enhance omni-channel digital performance and personalization.


Operation Solutin for Hi-Tech Industry


  • Ability to scale cloud development and product lifecycle services to compete in hyper competitive environments
  • Cost–effective, quick and scalable access to skills in disruptive technologies
  • Sustaining and supporting existing customers with legacy deployments, and implementing a smooth transition strategy


ITC Infotech’s transformational technology and media solutions span across cloud engineering, data engineering, mobility and IoT.

  1. Cloud-engineering-services

    Cloud Engineering

    Our cloud engineering services provide the basic building block for most of our transformational solutions. All solutions and services we deliver are compliant with best practices and patterns that are continuously evolving.

  2. Data-engineering-services

    Data Engineering

    Product and platform vendors leverage our data engineering services for creating analytic and reporting processes – enabling business processes such as customer success management, deep learning, rules engines for machine data, supply chain economies.

  3. Mobility-services


    In a mobile-first world, we provide an array of mobile engineering services that ensure comprehensive digital performance management, all the way from user experience monitoring, device, network and application testing to provisioning and managing of cloud-based back-end services.

  4. IoT-services

    Internet of Things

    Our IoT solutions include solution design, architecture, engineering and learning or enhancements that are established in phases — primitive, tentative, advanced, dynamic and optimized — for device manufacturers and managed service providers, as they scale the automation and intelligence curve.


  1. Managed-DevOps

    Managed DevOps

    We leverage in-house developed governance framework, ZICOS, for managing large distributed DevOps teams to integrate industry-standard open technology platforms and DevOps tools. We provide a unified, policy-driven environment across code quality inspection, repository management, access management and team dashboards.

  2. Cloud-migration-and-management

    Cloud Migration and Management

    Cloud Ocular is a complete set of tools, frameworks and best practices that is delivered as managed services during key stages of the enterprise cloud journey.

  3. Site-reliability-engineering

    Site Reliability Engineering

    We manage software-defined data center environments designed to run web-scale applications.

  4. Omni-channel-testing

    Omni-channel Testing

    We provide and integrated set of services for digital enterprises ensuring seamless end-user experience for omni-channel deployments.

  5. Embedded-systems

    Embedded Systems

    Our service areas include modeling and simulation, embedded software development and test framework design and validation.

  6. Experience-design

    Experience Design

    We offer product and interface design services that focus on user adoption and engagement.

  7. Support-and-sustenance-engineering

    Support and Sustenance Engineering

    We offer comprehensive support and sustenance programs that let the core engineering team focus on development and go-to-market initiatives, while ensuring that the existing customer base is supported and, over a definite period of time, transitioned to the cloud seamlessly.


  1. Cloud Ocular

    Cloud Ocular evaluates current application behavior, uses machine learning algorithms to predict anomalies with framework, plug and play architecture for easy integration and categorizes application for cloud enablement.

    Cloud Ocular matches the right cloud provider and instance for application workload via a single window to look at total compute cost. The UI allows customers to take exceptions into account and helps in choosing application clusters more suited for cloud deployment in a 2X2 matrix.

  2. ZICOS

    ZICOS helps build the software development supply chain using open-source that allows designers to create test environments to match existing blueprint. It further provides dashboard catering to all facets of organization and extensible architecture that supports on-premise and public cloud providers.

    ZICOS’ extensible architecture, one-click install set-up for big data cluster, single window insights for delivery to deployment and ability to integrate with the customer’s provider of choice make it a reliable choice for optimized ROI.


  • Ability to efficiently deal with changing customer preferences, obsolete technologies, siloed information and exploding quantities of data
  • New generation governance frameworks and reliability engineering for software defined development and testing environments that accelerate product release life cycles, while ensuring efficient consumption of resources
  • Ability to manage changing customer preferences and agile feature delivery via transparent and managed release processes
  • Data Engineering functions accelerate digital transformation programs leveraging deep expertise across cloud, mobile and data engineering technologies and practices



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Data Plumbing at Work
Are you data rich, information poor? Are you drowning in data, and starving for insights? Experience ITC Infotech's expertise across a range of Hadoop tools.

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Time spent by users on mobile devices is on apps

$260.4 bn

Total Internet advertising revenue by 2020

$523 bn

The estimated net global online sales by 2020

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