New Product Innovation and Development

CPGs need to keep on innovating and develop new products as the consumer requirements change. CPGs also struggle to keep the wallet share, mindshare, shelf space, and need an accelerated product innovation and development. We work with global CPG companies’ to effectively use technology frameworks to accelerate new product development, optimize R&D budgets, improve quality, and comply with regulations.



We achieve this by plugging into the strategic pull and mapping projects with business initiatives to strengthen the organizational commitment in delivering new products and solutions. Through program management that drives the integration of key function and ensures our customers deliver quality products on time; going beyond primary and secondary linkages to cover tertiary linkages and dependencies to avoid delays in the launch of new products; and through a learn-improve-learn execution cycle that incorporates incremental learnings into product development. Depending on the customer’s preferences, we deploy either structured tools for ‘lean product development’ or short ‘post-implementation reviews’ for new products.


  • Robust and sustainable new product development process
  • Meeting customer expectations for new product development processes and functions

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