Accurately predicting the probability of default

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In addition to looking for fresh opportunities for their clients, investment managers also have an uphill task of assessing and communicating operational risks. With predictive analytics and data visualization tools, risks can be managed optimally – the key driving factors in risk management endeavors are regulatory compliance, managing reputational risk and optimizing operational initiatives.

Clients partner with ITC Infotech for risk visualization dashboards that enables comprehensive risk visualization. ITC Infotech combines big data with sentiment analysis to present a holistic picture for managers to act upon. Our rich experience in the TCM domain, strong understanding of market risks, credit risks, liquidity risk management, Expected Default Frequency (EDF) and compliance enables us to deliver sustained value to clients.


Risk analysis is the key to increasing operational efficiencies and enhancing profitability for players in the treasury and capital domain. The static and reference data in the holistic risk data landscape is essential to pattern detection, and event and enterprise risk analysis. Risk Officers need a sophisticated tool that enables risk visualization. Risk evaluating teams also need to analyze unstructured data to prevent rogue trading, internal and external frauds and market crashes.


ITC Infotech offers holistic risk visualization powered by big data which, along with structured data evaluation, also executes sentiment analysis in order to create risk metrics.

  • Liquidity risk view: Helps in viewing the liquidity ladder, cash flow projects, ALM and portfolio concentration
  • Global risk view: Provides financial managers a comprehensive view of the ‘VaR vs VaR’ limit across the company, aggregate risk view from global entity to branch and vice versa, and a global exposure view
  • Credit risk view: It helps analyze default fund size, monitor credit exposures, analyze exposure by sector and provide an ‘exposure vs limit’ view


ITC Infotech’s risk visualization tool enables enterprise-wide risk analytics and exposure analysis.

Our solution enables risk and performance analysis with ‘what if’ scenarios and portfolio visualization features. The liquidity, credit and global risk views enable the risk management team (right from the CRO to risk managers) access to much needed visual insight.


Reduce instances of erroneous reporting


MiFID II: Transaction Reporting

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Minimize risk and maximize value


Minimize Risk.Maximize Value

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Complying with european market infrastructure regulation (EMIR) has never been easier


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Intelligent technology enables centralization of collateral functions


Collateral Management Road to Optimization

Collaterals are predominantly managed in the back office, and are totally out of sync with the treasury/finance desk. ...
Effective asset liability management helps maintain liquidity and net interest income


Behavioural Analysis in Asset & Liability Management

The current scenario has technical and business challenges. The behavioral scenarios may include particular segments of ...
To scale up its business needs and meet new age banking needs, the customer wanted to decommission its legacy systems and introduce a new age treasury system that is capable of handling growing business needs and support scaling up of business volume

Case study

Customized Implementation of Kondor+ Suite Enables an Efficient and...

To scale up its business needs and meet new age banking needs, the client wanted to decommission its legacy systems and ...


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Increase in fintech investments, to drive innovations

$100 tr

Size of asset base of buy-side entities by 2020


Treasurers do not use cognitive systems, infrastructure defense barriers, and network traffic monitoring mechanisms

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