Technology delivering healthier outcomes for the healthcare sector,

is #Digitaligence at work!

With increased access to technology and medical information, the health care sector is undergoing a tectonic shift. Greater global demand for efficient health outcomes at reduced costs is forcing health insurance companies to transform their traditional business model. Digital health channels, though relatively new, promise improved care experience for patients and healthier clinical outcomes at lower total cost of care.

ITC Infotech’s enhanced cloud and mobile technologies provide faster and better access to data and health care systems – improving overall health care.

Achieving Connected Health

Achieving Coneected Health


While non-digital channels continue to be relevant, surveys across countries indicate that 75% respondents are willing to switch to a digital health care service provided their needs are met with the quality they expect. We, at ITC Infotech, provide the health insurance providers with a digital alternative embedded through a multichannel concept across services.

  • Mobility
  • Constituent portals
  • Guided sales portals
  • Predictive models and algorithms to perform advanced analytics


  • Wide range of mobility apps across sales and care management to improve patient engagement and personalized health care delivery
  • Constituent portals — Health care customer experience platform that enables players to differentiate themselves in a competitive marketplace
  • Statistical algorithms and predictive models to perform advanced analytics in claim fraud identification and chronic disease stratification
  • Platform which allows clients to communicate with customer service using faster and efficient channels like social media
  • Solutions to create social media campaigning promoting a healthy lifestyle


  • Ability to monitor, track and report on key operations
  • Data transfer across systems ensures quality in health care, while avoiding any detrimental effect on the patients’ health
  • Connects patients with other patients with similar conditions, allowing them to garner support during their illness
  • Addresses business challenges — from a traditional baseline of transaction monitoring to application reporting modules — by using analytics


Leverage big data to drive down readmission


How Big Data Can Drive Down Re-admission

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Reduce operational costs, increase performance and organizational agility


Business Rule Management System (BRMS) for Health Insurance

Business rules are hidden within applications - changing these rules is a complex and tedious process. Business Rule ...
Integrated Technology Platform for Improved UX & Better Customer Engagement for a Health Insurance Giant

Case study

Integrated Technology Platform for Improved UX & Better Customer...

The client needed to revamp the existing website to create an integrated platform capable of hosting responsive and ...
Improve operational efficiencies via efficient testing, report development & quality assurance

Case study

Efficient Testing, Report Development & Quality Assurance...

Implementation of effective software straightened the operational creases to ensure error-free outgoing correspondence, ...
Effective Report Designing System Helped Leading Healthcare Payer Achieve its Business Objectives

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Effective Report Designing System Helpes Leading Healthcare Payer...

As organizations diversify into newer revenue streams they required an business intelligence applications for ...
Responsive User Friendly Portals Leveraged Enhanced Customer Satisfaction

Case study

Responsive User Friendly Portals Enhances Customer Satisfaction

The portals of a newly licensed health insurance company were not customer friendly and lacked some basic features ...


Transformational Digital Banking Solutions
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Integrated solutions for the Health Insurance industry

Contextualize Customer Experience across channels

Process Mapping – A force multiplier for requirements...

Customer Experience for the Health Insurance Industry


$9.5 tr

The forecast for net global healthcare expenditure by 2018


Consumers willing to share their medical records with a health system in order to aid in their own diagnosis and treatment

40 years

Age of technology used to manage claims process by many insurers - hindering innovation

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