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CTRM systems have historically faced criticism for their inability to generate insightful reports. Availability of business intelligence tools and interactive dashboards have been cited as critical issues faced by commodity trading firms.

ITC Infotech’s efficient visual report generating engines, along with customizable dashboards, graphically represent a wide variety of reports and data. With real-time graphical representation of the key performance indicators including P&L, VaR, etc. commodity trading organizations gain a 360° view of risks. Deployment tools like Tableau and Qlikview enable enhanced visualizations and resolve problems at a much cheaper cost.


Sophisticated analytics and smart representation of data will result in informed, data backed decisions. With analytics-based applications and solutions on the rise, efficient visualization and interactive dashboards can create better visibility and deeper understanding of information on key performance indicators.

Today, customized risk dashboards have become a necessity for commodity trading organizations, as they allow improved handling and reporting of data – enabling better decision-making processes.


ITC Infotech’s Risk Dashboard solution offers a coherent customizable risk analytics dashboard – allowing departments across the enterprise the ability to view and generate graphical representation of reports, unique to their needs.

Deployment tools like Tableau and Qlikview enable enhanced visualizations, while bringing in cost efficiencies in problem resolution.


  • Allows processing of large volumes of data to enable improved decision-making
  • Price and volatility forecasting
  • Increased adherence to changing regulatory compliance
  • Real-time data capture and reporting
  • Customizable solution to cater to unique requirements of different departments
  • Trade process automation



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