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Digital channels are fast becoming a prominent source of customer acquisition as customers move away from branches to more convenient methods of banking. Customer centricity is fast becoming a core enterprise theme for a range of banking organizations encompassing everything from customer loyalty to advocacy and experience.


Customer Experience


Organizations are faced with a threefold challenge when trying to retain customers – rising customer expectations, easier sharing of bad experiences and quick switching of suppliers. A consistent and rewarding customer experience goes a long way in creating a sustained competitive advantage:

  • Differentiate services and products in a highly commoditized market
  • Improving conversion rates and ROI on marketing
  • Understand customer behavior, value and performance across segments
  • Focus on transaction rather than holistic experience leading to fragmented customer experience


Redefine your company experience management solutions with ITC Infotech’s framework and solutions. Our CX solutions help banks listen, analyze, engage, measure and create a customer activated enterprise across multiple channels. By making the system customer-aware at every touch-point, we help Banks improve conversion rates and ROI on marketing.

  • Integrated view of customer for improved customer value management
  • Real-time customer feedback and lead generation from social media along with improved customer service and support
  • Brand awareness through consistent, value-driven brand exposure for top of the mind recall
  • Customer sentiment analysis using historical trend and current customer sentiment
  • Targeted product offerings for niche customers and measuring campaign effectiveness
  • Integrated insights dashboard, spanning across brand and competition social media channels
  • Social reach and engagement statistics for actionable information


  • Increased customer loyalty leading to repeat business
  • Reduced cost of managing customers
  • Improved brand reputation
  • Increased customer retention rates
  • Increased conversion ratio
  • Increased share of wallet through cross-selling and upselling opportunities
  • Greater brand awareness through consistent, value-driven brand exposure for top-of-mind recall



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Transformational Digital Banking Solutions
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Integrated solutions for the Health Insurance industry

Contextualize Customer Experience across channels

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Customer Experience for the Health Insurance Industry


$20 bn

Projected annual savings in settlement, regulatory and cross-border payment costs - through Technology interventions


Customers globally are using FinTech products or services


Banks say that their core systems cannot support FinTech

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