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Loyalty programs – a marketing model that airlines are credited with having created is impacting the industry, across all departments. Loyalty programs have evolved from being structured around the traditional R&R model to programs that offer significantly enhanced value propositions. All aspects of the airline business are being restructured to operate in a customer-centric fashion, requiring supporting applications to cut across functions in the airline IT landscape.

Off-the-shelf solutions often prove to be inadequate, unable to meet specific demands of the network or the airline business model. With extensive experience and expertise in the airline domain, ITC Infotech is well placed to design, implement or migrate large-scale and distributed loyalty applications. From redesign of legacy systems to the latest cloud-based solutions, our technical expertise and partnerships with industry leaders such as Oracle and Microsoft makes us the best suited technology partner for customized loyalty program implementations.


A comprehensive understanding of the customer, which forms the bedrock of an effective loyalty program, is critical to executing effective campaigns. From identifying and understanding a customer to providing personalized offers and services, there are multiple functions of the business that the application must talk to, in order to be able to get the complete picture.

  • Loyalty program benchmarking studies: Assess program maturity and draw up a road map
  • Structured Database Design: Capture relevant customer information and transactions
  • In-Depth Data Analysis: Derive actionable insights from raw data
  • Effective Systems Integration: The loyalty program needs to integrate seamlessly with other relevant applications to aid in personalized customer service
  • Program Upgrades and Support: Support revamps of the loyalty program structure as the business demands


The comprehensive loyalty management solution from ITC Infotech combines technical and domain consulting expertise to provide a highly customizable and flexible solution.

  • Loyalty Program Consulting – Helping airlines evaluate the effectiveness of their current programs, enabling them to identify and address gaps that arise due to network and business changes, as well as recalibration to align with new partner programs while ensuring maximum value creation.
  • Application Installation and Customization – A deeply integrated solution is key to ensuring seamless data flow from relevant applications across all airline functions. Our skilled technology consultants, with their deep understanding of the airline business ensure that the solutions we provide are completely enmeshed with existing systems so as to achieve maximum value and continuous data exchange.
  • Analytics, Reports and Dashboards – From dashboard templates to customized reports and analysis, we have helped airlines analyze loyalty program performance employing descriptive, diagnostic as well as predictive approaches.


The true value of a loyalty solution is measured by means of the member engagement and satisfaction that is generated. This is one among several metrics that indicate the difference that a well-integrated loyalty program can make to the business, which includes:

  • Proactive customer service and effective customer engagement
  • Improved member retention and acquisition
  • Improved topline contribution from the loyalty program
  • Competitive rewards and recognition proposition



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