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The ability to view a customer as a single entity often poses a challenge for most enterprises, given the multi-channel access modes available. Consolidation of fragmented customer data (and consequently insights) across multiple channels is critical to knowing who the customer is – and ensuring the most profitable customers stay loyal.

ITC Infotech’s Customer Value Management (CVM) framework is a closed loop process that enhances knowledge about customers through sophisticated analytics. It helps airlines segment the customer base (known or unknown) and basis that formulate highly effective marketing strategies that maximize revenue conversions. Airline service offerings can now be structured around insightful inputs that are extracted from customer data.


The key to success in today’s Digital era is knowing exactly which customer to target with which campaigns and at what time in the customer’s journey phases. A personalized, contextualized and well-timed interaction with a customer can lead to a differentiated customer experience and in turn improved revenue realization.

ITC Infotech’s CVM framework has the ability to integrate and process cross-application data, identify customer segments to create customer insights regarding preferences, behavior, propensity to spend, etc. Using rich Customer Insights, airlines can employ segment-specific campaign strategies and optimize a multitude of offerings and services ranging from pricing and e-commerce to ground handling and customer profiling to generate ancillary revenue.


ITC Infotech’s CVM framework combines expertise in consolidating data from across a multitude of sources, building a BI layer over the data for in-depth analysis, and a comprehensive campaign management solution targeted specifically at the airlines industry.

The 3 key modules of the CVM framework include:

  1. data-migration


    Our domain expertise in the airline industry helps us aggregate data for modeling – both structured and unstructured. Data processing involves cleansing, standardization, storage and analysis to eventually get the data to ‘talk’ and helping to profile customers, understand customer life cycle, social behavior, purchase history and loyalty.

  2. application-support-&-integration


    The BI layer built on the data stack helps specific airline functions extract relevant customer information in the form of reports and dashboards. Custom queries designed for specific departments helps narrow down on key insights faster. The BI layer presents an opportunity to ‘slice and dice’ the data as required.

  3. Domain knowledge

    Campaign Management

    Our system offers end-to-end campaign management that help track the entire campaign life cycle ranging from audience segmentation, campaign design and creation to execution and evaluation. They enhance the ability of an airline to approach customers via multiple channels in a timely and personalized manner.

Passenger Trip Mission

Airline customer data simply contains information regarding travel plans (bookings or requests) and execution (flown or purchase). Airlines do not capture the reasons for which passengers undertake journey. Although of commercial significance, this information is derived on the basis of airline staff experience and select other parameters which makes it highly subjective.

Augmenting our domain expertise with our vast experience of working with airlines on their customer experience journey, we have developed a framework that helps define passenger trip mission. The passenger booking-flown data and select other sources of information, in a structured or unstructured format, are processed using advanced statistical modeling techniques. Using Pax Trip Mission approach, the airline company can institutionalize the knowledge and awareness of its own market segments and support related function design strategies e.g. group desk revisiting seasonality for series departures, marketing team defining personalized campaigns or the RM and Pricing team revisiting fare and TTL conditions.


  • Simplified data management
  • Customer identification and profiling
  • Improved passenger level profitability
  • Complete campaign transparency
  • Better customer retention via enhanced loyalty strategies



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