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Organizations are operating in a world of evolving technologies, shorter product-life-spans, globally distributed teams and rising regulatory requirements. As companies grow, these challenges lead to rising costs, longer time-to-market and high rejection rates in quality checks. In order to retain the competitive edge, businesses must adopt solutions that enhance quality, quicken time-to-market and reduce cost.

ITC Infotech’s extended Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) solutions allow the client to focus on product development, while managing all aspects of product evolution and service quality. Our extended PLM solutions are designed to provide increased visibility and performance through data integration, industry knowledge and business processes across enterprise accessibility. We implement PLM on a multi-generation business plan enabling the client to target high-impact business objectives to obtain quick returns on investment.


ITC Infotech provides unmatched domain and technology expertise on PLM, augmented through the use of traditional and disruptive technologies to streamline product design and development processes.

Our extended PLM goes beyond the traditional to include Application Lifecycle Management (ALM), quality and compliance, cost analytics and Service Lifecycle Management (SLM) to deliver increased manufacturing productivity and efficiency, faster time-to-market and better-quality, compliant and serviceable products.

With 1000+ global PLM engagements including complex PLM projects for Fortune 500 companies, ITC Infotech leverages rich implementation experience to create best practices’ templates, tools and accelerator frameworks to deliver faster time-to-value.


Case study

Upgraded PLM system – Seating systems manufacturing

Upgraded PLM System Resulted in Optimized Product Design & Development for a Leading Seating Systems Manufacturer...

Case study

Optimized design & improved PQS – Seating systems...

Optimized Design & Improved Product Quality Systems & Processes for a Leading Seating Systems Manufacturer...

Case study

Streamlining Operations to Enable Global Transformation

The client, one of the oldest and most reputed men's clothing chains in the United States, was preparing to scale up ...

Case study

Reducing Time-to-Market by Unifying Business Processes

The client’s complex wholesale business entailed catering to the needs of their customer base, brands & ...

Case study

A Quick Out-of-the-box PLM Implementation Helped a Leading Running...

With the Retail and Consumer Goods industry seeing increasingly shorter product cycles and more variants, our client ...

Case study

Modernizing Design-to-Production Cycles

Outdated systems and manual workflows were resulting in unreliable data and reactive decision-making.

Case study

Optimized New Product Introduction Process Enables Significant Cost...

With roughly 60% of products sold at the retail stores being designed in-house, and their manufacturing outsourced to ...


Radar Real time Analytics Dashboard Application for Retail

RADAR is a software solution for B2C enterprises built using ITC Infotech’s handy tools (NLP and Sentiment Analysis ...

Case study

Common Product Development Process Enables Increased Efficiency,...

The client is a retail conglomerate having operations across North and South America, Europe and Asia. They wanted to ...

Case study

Leading Car Audio Maker Achieves Real-time Visibility into Product...

The product development team of the client was accustomed to using spreadsheets for cost estimation and relied on ...

Case study

Leader in Diesel Engines Reduces Time to Respond to Changes in Design...

With our solution of two separate BOMs –Engineering BOM (eBOM) and Manufacturing BOM (mBOM), engineers could now ...

Case study

Global Graphics Computing Giant Improves Agility with Better...

Our solution helped the Customer transform and migrate product development data and processes into the latest PLM ...

Case study

Global Auto Supplier Increases Design Performance by Connecting...

Our solution enabled faster cycle time with a streamlined single system for all product development activities. The ...


Value delivery in action: Pricol
Pricol is an automotive components and precision engineered products manufacturer. Hear directly from Pricol Group Chief Information & Technology Officer talk about creating value with ITC Infotech...

iTech 2016: AR/VR Hackathon

iTech 2015 – IoT Hackathon

PLM Partners in Progress: PTC

Enabling future readiness through PLM Services &...



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Connected devices by 2020


Of new products launch fail - lack of customer centricity in product development is a leading cause of failure


The fourth industrial revolution - Customer-centric digital manufacturing

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