ITC Infotech presents the fourth edition of iTech - the company’s flagship annual co-creation and technology innovation platform.

iTech presents the opportunity for technology startups to participate in the Startup Showcase – a platform where shortlisted companies pitch their solutions directly to business & technology leaders from leading global companies. As a part of our endeavor to create a thriving ecosystem to accelerate technology innovation, we are offering POCs, partnerships, joint GTM opportunities and exciting prizes to the winners of the showcase.

We are also bringing together the sharpest technology minds to compete, create and code for complex business applications, as part of a programing Codeathon. Grab this opportunity to prove your mettle and win the ultimate bragging rights, along with cash prizes, internships and hiring opportunities, while you learn from industry experts.

When: Saturday, 8th December and Sunday, 9th December, 2018

Where: ITC Infotech’s Corporate Headquarter, Bengaluru [View here on Google Maps]


The iTech 2018 Startup ‘Showcase’ is the platform you have been waiting for. We will bring the ‘customer,’ you demonstrate how your solution can add value. The Startup Showcase segment has been designed with the objective of providing innovative technology startups a platform to present their solutions directly to businesses.


  • C-level executives from ITC Infotech’s global client base, companies which are world leaders in their respective industries, considering new ways of bringing in efficiencies across operations
  • Senior business decision makers, including CIOs, across various ITC Ltd businesses who evaluate business use-cases for disruptive digital technologies
  • Technology leaders from ITC Infotech’s leading ISV and technology platform partners
  • Leaders from across ITC Infotech’s various technology LoBs and industry verticals, exploring partnership opportunities to accelerate technology innovation

We are inviting participation from established and early-stage startups to demonstrate disruptive solutions across Industry 4.0, HealthTech and FinTech. Use of the following technologies will received an added advantage: Artificial Intelligence, Augment Virtual & Mixed Reality, Blockchain and IoT.


Industry 4.0

Preferred Technologies: Artificial Intelligence, Augment Virtual & Mixed Reality, Blockchain and IoT


  • Send us a short presentation (10 power point slides maximum)
    • Include an overview of how your solution can add value
    • Include details of what you intend to demo
    • Include details of your startup – your elevator pitch
  • Startups need to register on the iTech 2018 Registration Site and submit their elevator pitch.
    • Alternatively, startups can email details to: with the Subject Line: "iTech 2018 Startup Showcase"
      • File size: Less than 5 MB
  • Entries close on Friday, 16th November, 2018
  • Our jury will assess entries on a rolling basis
    • 20-25 startups will be shortlisted
    • Registering early will increase your chance of getting shortlisted
  • Judging Criteria
    • Relevance to business and potential to disrupt
    • Solution readiness, validated through live demo/ working prototype
    • Scalability and feasibility of solution
  • A final shortlist of startups will be invited for iTech 2018
    • Shortlisted startups will present their solution prototype to an audience of senior business decision makers on Saturday, 8th December and Sunday, 9th December
    • ITC Infotech may assign a mentor to shortlisted startups. ITC Infotech mentors will groom startups from the time of shortlisting till iTech 2018. This is to help shortlisted startups sharpen their value proposition and align their solution with business goals
  • Exciting prizes are in store for winning startups
    • ITC Infotech may also partner with and/or invest in relevant startups to help develop the solution, create a joint go-to-market strategies and provide market access
  • Please Note:
    • Decision by the jury is final & binding
    • All shortlisted startups invited to present at iTech are required to sign a non-disclosure agreement with ITC Infotech.
    • Startups can request for a copy of the NDA by writing to with the Subject Line: Startup Showcase – NDA


If you love programing, this is the opportunity to code your way to glory.

First Prize : Rs. 2,00,000
Second Prize : Rs. 1,00,000
Third Prize : Rs. 50,000

Participation in the iTech Codeathon is free and open to all (students, professional developers and early stage technology startups). All you need to do is follow these simple coding principles:

  • Standard practices to protect against application vulnerabilities 
  • Adhere to application coding guidelines and best practices 
  • Plan for proper error handling, session management and logging 
  • Build a pluggable code, which can easily fit into other larger applications
  • Provision for multi-lingual support
  • Place authentication and access controls 
  • Include application data protection and privacy 
Are you up for the challenge?

Select one of the Codeathon programing challenges listed below, and REGISTER now to submit your solution overview. Entries will be judged on the overall technical approach, reusability, security and performance.

Codeathon Programming Challenges

Build a tool/ framework that provides the ability to design and create reports/ dashboards in a mobile application. The input data source needs to be SQLite/other database and the output needs to be in a format that can be easily integrated with the application (ideally without rebuilding).

Example 1: For a mobile application with a SQLite data source, one should be quickly able to choose required fields, design a layout and run the report/ dashboard. The tool should then produce an output which can be easily integrated within the mobile application.

Example 2: For a van sales application, the order data for the past seven days is available on the local SQLite database. Using the tool the developer should be able to quickly create a summary dashboard that displays the top 5 SKUs in terms of the value. This dashboard should then be integrated into the mobile application to show the 5 top selling SKUs for each outlet.

Preferred technology: Android or React Native

Design and build a state-of-the-art mobile sync framework to facilitate two-way synchronization between a cloud data source and an offline mobile application. The application can run offline and when sync is triggered, it should be able to perform the update while taking data conflict into account.

  • Get data from different sources like email, images, unstructured data, Chatbots
  • Convert data into a structured form
  • Enter data in any backend enterprise system (Salesforce, SAP, etc.)
  • Example: Automation in IT Support/Helpdesk

Develop friendly interfaces to match labor skill sets with farmers’ requirement on any given day. The farmer should be able to locate available laborers on-time at various growth stages of the crops:

  • Labor search and matching
  • Browse the farming skills
  • Labor wages, demands and availability
  • Simple and intuitive screen flow optimized for native mobile and/or web

Blockchain Solution across Industries: Industry 4.0, HealthTech and FinTech

The component should be reusable and presented in the form of an app for demo purposes

  • Android: Develop a reusable calendar week view and month view using recycler views
  • React Native: Develop expanded list view
  • iOS: Sample app demonstrating the use of 3D touch
  • Simple and intuitive screen flow optimised for native mobile and/or web

Rules of the game: Codeathon

  • Participation is free and open to all! 
  • Application process
    • Teams need to register on the iTech 2018 Registration Site and submit their solution outline.
    • Entries close on Tuesday, 27th November, 2018 
    • Space at the event is limited, and restricted to pre-screened and shortlisted candidates only. Walk-ins are not permitted.
  • This is a team based competition 
    • Each team can have a maximum of 4 members.
    • Details of team member should be included as part of the entry submission.
  • Against the programing challenge selected, share the following details:
    • Solution overview: Your understanding and the scope of the module/ component
    • Solution approach
    • High level architecture/ design
    • Technology stack and technical components used to develop the module/component
  • Only completed entries will be evaluated
    • Entries will be judged on the overall technical approach, reusability, security and performance
  • A jury panel will screen the entries and shortlist the teams
    • Shortlisted teams will be informed by email, prior to the event
  • Each shortlisted team will be assigned a technical mentor by ITC Infotech
    • ITC Infotech mentors will work with and guide shortlisted teams, giving each team a head start 
  • All shortlisted teams selected to participate in iTech 2018 are expected to deploy their code on the ITC Infotech environment for demonstration and verification
    • During the iTech 2018 codeathon, jury members may suggest enhancements to the code 
  • Participants must bring their own computing device. Participants should also have any programming aids and software tools, as well as creative assets, provided they have all the proper licensing or use rights for any such programming aids, software tools or assets.
  • ITC Infotech will provide wireless hi-speed internet connectivity and electricity outlets.
    • ITC Infotech will also provide access to deployment servers
  • Participants must be the owner of their submission – the submission must be the original work of the entrants (and members of the team)
    • Participants need to ensure there are no patent infringement or plagiarism
    • Participants bear the responsibility of violation of any of the above-listed obligations
  • Teams are expected to submit the code developed to ITC Infotech
    • Code submitted to ITC Infotech during iTech 2018 will become the property of ITC Infotech, and the company reserves the right to use the code in full or in part or modify the code
  • All shortlisted participants will be provided with a Certificate of Participation
  • Please Note:
    • Decision by the jury is final & binding
    • Each shortlisted participant is required to agree to the Terms & Conditions set forth by ITC Infotech
    • Participants can request for a copy of the Terms & Conditions by writing to with the Subject Line: Codeathon – Terms & Conditions



Can you withstand the violent waves of disruptive change?

Join us for iTech and showcase your startup to business leaders from some of India’s biggest and most respected companies, as well as ITC Infotech’s global clients - all under the same roof. Get your idea validated against real-world applications, assess if you can withstand the competition from other disruptive innovators, and understand how your solution can add value to businesses across industries from industry stalwarts.

Here's more – in addition to exciting cash prizes for the winning startup, as a system integrator, ITC Infotech may also partner with and invest in helping you develop your solution, create a joint go-to-market and provide you with market access.

Professionals & Developers
Professionals & Developers

Do you feel like a coding superhero trapped in the mundane?

Send in your entry now, and compete against some of the brightest technology minds. See how your idea measures up, interact with peers, and for 30 hours, be part of a race against time to create code for complex business applications. What’s more, you also get to interact with and learn from some pioneering start-ups as they showcase solutions they have developed and path-breaking innovations they are taking to market.


Want to put theory into practice?

If you are done with the text books and labs, come join us by sending in your entry for our programing Codeathon. Our mentors and technology experts will guide you along the way to help you transform your idea. As a shortlisted candidate for ITC Infotech’s iTech 2018, you get the ultimate nationwide bragging rights, an opportunity to strengthen your CV and explore exciting career opportunities.


Day 1 - 8th December, 2018
Day 2 – 9th December, 2018
9:00 – 10:00 am
Registrations & Breakfast
10:00 – 10:30 am
10:30 – 11:00 am
Opening Remarks
11:00 am
Codeathon Begins
11:00 am – 1:00 pm
Startup Showcase
1:00 – 2:00 pm
2:00 – 4:00 pm
Startup Showcase
4:00 – 4:30 pm
4:30 – 6:30 pm
Startup Showcase
7:00 pm
Onwards Meet the Codeathon participants
9:00 – 10:00 pm
Codeathon continues overnight
8:00 am
9:00 – 12:30 pm
Startup Showcase
Codeathon Team Assessments
12:30 – 1:00 pm
Jury Deliberation
1:00 – 2:00 pm
2:00 pm
Codeathon Code Submission
2:00 – 3:00 pm
Pitch by Top 3 Startups
3:00 - 4:00 pm
Presentation by Top 5 Codeathon Teams
4:00 – 5:00 pm
Session: The Digital Future
5:00 – 5:30 pm
Prize Distribution Ceremony
5:30 pm
Vote of Thanks & Certificate Distribution



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