PI Apparel, New York, 19 & 20 June, 2018, brought together the fashion, apparel and footwear industry to discuss the challenges and technologies disrupting the industry.

At the event, ITC Infotech experts spoke about the data driven & digital future of fashion and how ITC Infotech can help digitize and transform your business with a suite of mobile and extended apps. Using digital intelligence, our apps extract data from multi-channels and multi-devices and transform them into actionable insights, creating an integrated and differentiated experience for our stakeholders.

Our solutions and apps include –

Mobility Solution for PTC Retail creates dynamic workstations on mobile devices which enables easy and fast access to vital PLM information and processes, empowering mobile users to take critical decisions on the go.

Factory Compliance Solution enables organizations to assess their compliance status against regulations and policies.

Lineboard App is an interactive digital board which gives the user flexibility to work and create impressive reports which can be shared across the organisation.

Costing Solution App helps designers and developers to simulate and analyze various cost scenarios while designs are still evolving and continue to do so throughout the development phase.

Smart Training Assistant has instant answers to system and process related questions, anytime and anywhere.

Dev Ops is a ready automation framework for Deploy Build, Test and data load. ITC Infotech as an organization has embraced DevOps for Flex PLM and is helping more and more customers adopt the same.

Watch our video for more information on our suite of apps

ITC Infotech’s next gen suite of data driven and digital apps helps retailers leverage cutting edge digital technology to transform the way they work and deliver differentiated and superior customer experience.

Do write to us with if you want to know more about our solution or fix a meeting with our experts.

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About ITC Infotech

ITC Infotech, is a comprehensive PLM Services and Solutions provider for the ever EVOLVING, INTEGRATED and EXTENDED Enterprise in Retail, Footwear and Apparel industry space. Our solutions help address both industry-specific challenges and everyday business pressures.

Powered by one of the largest Global teams comprising, technical and process Retail PLM specialists with experience of numerous implementations, and the largest pool of domain experts from the industry, ITC Infotech helps clients realize the full benefits of PLM including user adoption and training. ITC Infotech is transforming businesses with its understanding and expertise of the confluence of traditional and disruptive technologies (IoT, Big Data, Analytics, Cloud and Mobility).

ITC Infotech is a specialized global service technology solutions provider, led by Business and Technology Consulting. ITC Infotech’s Digitaligence@work infuses technology with domain, data, design, and differentiated delivery to significantly enhance experience and efficiency, enabling our clients to differentiate and disrupt their business.

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