When adoption of new technology unlocks value,

it’s #Digitaligence at work!

Winners in the digital age are innovating rapidly today – they are creating intelligent products, immersive experiences and intuitive supply chains, while rapidly reinventing internally. These digital leaders of tomorrow are leveraging massive amounts of data, coupled with cutting edge analytics, to lay the foundation of future growth.

Market disruptors, innovators and fast followers need to find new ways to leverage digital technologies – the key is to have an overarching plan for digital engagement to derive maximum value, thereby fast-tracking transformation.

ITC Infotech’s Technology Advisory Consulting helps enterprises tackle the new age challenges of technology-led business model disruption.

Digital Transformation Advisory Consulting

Digital Transformation Advisory Consulting


As a Technology Consulting advisor to clients, ITC Infotech helps businesses build strategic focus and architectural leadership. ITC Infotech’s differentiated engagement models include – stand-alone dedicated advisory service with pre-defined engagement term and multi-threaded, broad-based, typically multi-year engagement model.

ITC Infotech helps clients innovate, identify and deliver a modern integrated tech platform to enable effective digital transformation of their business. Our services encompass the entire gamut of the digital stream from Internet of Things, devices and mobility, enterprise social, cloud applications and platforms to business insights.

Our Solutions

ITC Infotech’s technology advisory and consulting provides clients expertise in designing and implementing market-ready enterprise digital offerings with accelerated business value.



A Solution Perspective to Unified Commerce

In order to keep up with today’s rapidly evolving marketplace, businesses are competing determinedly to provide ...


Accelerating Digital Transformation Through Cloud-native &...

IT Modernization and Digital transformation is disrupting business models in every industry and is expected to deliver ...


Impact of NDC on Distribution Processes and Architecture

New Distribution Capability (NDC) is rewriting the future of airlines and is not limited to mere incremental value ...

Case study

Integrated BI Global Rollout Solution Enabled Streamlined Operations...

Rapid changes in technology, fluctuating client behavior and shrinking product lifecycles make the modern business ...

Case study

Unified View of Customer Data Improves Profitability & New...

The client embarked on a CX 2020 Transformation program – a 5 year journey to improve client experience resulting in ...

Case study

Superior Target Application Architecture Definition Helps Support...

The client, a key player in both the OEM and Automotive Aftermarket space, had undergone a change in ownership and ...

Case study

Enterprise IT Transformation Methodology Improves Business-IT...

The client had embarked on a 3-5 year business strategy that included service line expansion, market expansion into new ...


Delivering competitive advantage through Customer Experience
View select case study snapshots of how ITC Infotech has transformed Customer Experience for companies across industries including Retail, Hospitality, Airlines & Travel and Consumer Goods.

iTech 2016: AR/VR Hackathon

iTech 2015 – IoT Hackathon

Data Plumbing at Work

Llamasoft – SAP Integration using Data Guru



CIOs believe their current IT organization lacks the key skills and capabilities necessary to respond to a complex digital business landscape

By 2020

A black market exceeding $5 billion will exist to sell fake sensor and video data for enabling criminal activity


Organizations feel that they have mastered digital to a point of differentiation from their competitors

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