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Organizations today face increasing challenges in the areas of Energy-Environmental, Sustainability and Resource Optimization. While cost concerns drive a majority of the initiatives, other major objectives include brand image, greening of the supply chain, regulatory compliance and listing requirements, among others. These challenges are arising from the inability to process and gain insights from vast amounts of disaggregated data, which is further complicated by complexities in data capture and analysis, and challenges due to integration with legacy systems.

Clients partner with ITC Infotech to leverage our Energy Analytics and Resource Optimization services to optimize their resource use by using advanced analytics, statistical tools and smart customized infographics. Our sustainability management and reporting solution provides organizations with both consulting and IT support to reduce the effort spent on data capture and management, by the use of purpose-build software.

We also work with government organizations and International Financial Institutions in the areas of climate change to develop and deliver smart solutions for climate change, GHG inventorization and policy evaluation.


We bring strong domain expertise across select industries and operations including Manufacturing, Energy Management and Audits. We hand-hold clients during implementation of Energy Efficiency IT programs and collaborate with our in-house Advanced Analytics team to leverage sophisticated statistical modelling.

  1. Successful-implementations

    Energy Analytics

    • Assessing historical performance data of the company
    • Statistical evaluations to create performance bands
    • Development of a model to predict the optimum performance corresponding to input parameter combinations
    • Development and implementation of custom software to provide management with a comprehensive and customized dashboard of performance parameters and potential losses
  2. automotive-quality-process-accelerator

    Sustainability Management and Reporting Solutions

    • Identifying the current position of our client on the sustainability maturity curve
    • Helping articulate sustainability objectives and drawing a roadmap for progress
    • Stakeholder engagement with internal and external stakeholder to identify material issues
    • Customization and implementation of software to simplify the process of data capture and management
    • User training and hand-holding

ITC Infotech’s proprietary tools for Sustainability and Energy includes:

  1. implementation-accelerators

    Energy Analytics Tool

    This software is used by our clients in the process industry to assess their energy consumption, score their performance against historical benchmarks, and optimize their performance based on real-time data input.

  2. Service-life-cycle-management-services


    ITC Infotech’s OptSustain is the first indigenous software developed for sustainability data management and reporting in line with the GRI G3, G3.1 and G4 guidelines. OptSustain is being used by clients in various sectors like automotive manufacturing, airport operations, iron and steel, etc. to achieve significant business benefits.

Business benefits

  • Energy Analytics – we help the executive leadership team get a clear overview of current performance:
    • Energy cost control by plant efficiency optimization
    • A single platform across units and their departments
    • Real-time financial implication of energy losses
    • Instant clarity to help take quick corrective actions
    • Enables and holds line-staff more accountable
    • Tool to maximize asset performance
  • Sustainability Management – we help organizations reduce the time and effort that they spend on sustainability data management and tracking across all levels:
    • Data capture based on GRI Sustainability reporting Framework
    • Understand cause-effect pattern for resource use efficiency
    • Generate graphs quickly, view dashboards and consolidated reports
    • Generate draft sustainability report as per GRI guidelines
    • Enables and holds line-staff more accountable
    • Tool to maximize asset performance


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