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Get Into Containerization's Sweet Spot

Take on the right use cases to maximize the power of the technology

Focus On Server Side Applications
Handle Demand Changes
Get Perfect Deployments
Capacity Needs
Independent Scaling
Demand Patterns
Orchestrate Containers
Deploy Microservices
Manage Setup Time

Accelerate Time To Value From Containerization

Rapidly deploy and scale applications on containers while bringing down maintenance efforts

Get Containerization On The Right Track

Implement a rapid path to containerization that manages its inherent complexity across cloud and on-premise environments

ITC Infotech healthcare services - core platform services
Application Packaging

Package applications along with dependencies like libraries

ITC Infotech healthcare services - enterprise portal modernization
Application Images

Build, test, optimize, and host application images with Docker using a structured workflow

ITC Infotech healthcare services - development services
Utilizing Registries

Upload images to a registry like Docker Hub or Google Artifactory for easy sharing

ITC Infotech healthcare services - development services
Container Creation

Pull images and run containers using orchestrators

Realize Transformative Gains From Containerization

Enjoy superior value compared to applications deployed on virtual machines or physical servers​

Save on Infrastructure

40% reduction in infrastructure costs​

Lower Resource Utilization

45% improvement in resource utilization​​

Cut Down Total Cost of Ownership

30% TCO savings​​

Deploy Apps Faster

76% faster deployment​​


Add The Right Containerization Expertise

Solve complex challenges while delivering business-critical applications and building new customer experiences


Case Study

Automated Deployment and Containerization for a Nordic Bank

The Nordic Bank streamlined & automated releases across environments by using Automated Builds, Deployments, & Containerization with Orchestration.


Automated Deployment and Containerization for a US retailer

The client improved business efficiency & reaped cost savings by using CI/CD on DevOps and containerization of the applications managed by K8s on Azure.


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