Centralize Performance Management in Manufacturing

More enterprises today are leveraging advanced and predictive analytics to make sense of the increasing data in the manufacturing process – related to People, Raw Materials, Equipment, Logistics, and Customers. As manufacturers grapple with demand and supply volatility in these uncertain times, a complete view of the entire factory on a digital platform will aid in remote monitoring and operations control.  Critical data points and intelligent insights on performance and efficiency can aid in timely and informed decision making, which will not only save costs but also help stay ahead of the competition. 

Further, with smart factories quickly becoming the norm, there is a need to capture and interpret manufacturing data to enable proactive interventions even before problems appear!

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ITC Infotech’s Factory Command & Control Center provides manufacturers a centralized performance management platform with enterprise-wide visualization of KPIs through real-time dashboards. Manufacturers can easily identify areas that need attention or improvement, understand and act quickly on issues and clarify which factors influence performance.


Manufacturers can adapt the Factory Command & Control Center platform into different types of scenarios ranging from Operational Performance Monitoring, Energy Performance Monitoring, or Asset Performance Tracking to unlock value from multiple areas in the shopfloor. The FCCC solution is widely used by our clients for internal performance benchmarking, standardization in KPI monitoring, and role-based dashboard development across global manufacturing sites to drive continuous improvements.


Any Data from Any Source – Connects easily to any type of data source without the need to build complex data models. Handles large, complex data sets and presents a unified view of data from varied sources.

Intuitive Analysis – Intuitive, user-friendly tools for data visualization; Build your KPIs and metrics for targeted action; Create linked views and dashboards for dynamic drill-down analysis.

Interactive & Personalized Dashboards – Self-service – users can create their dashboards with the flexibility to choose the type of charts, widgets, and controls. Easy access to source data through exports.

Actionable Insights – Live alerts and integration with external systems guiding actions; Collaborate and communicate in real-time; Responsive UI, fully customizable, and extensible to meet client-specific requirements.

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