In an era where customers have more choices than ever, RPA has become the quintessential tool to understand customer behavior, preferences, and drifts. With the right amount of information and strategy, customers can be targeted and managed effectively and efficiently.

Though marketing has been primarily a front-office activity and RPA is frequently linked and prioritized for the back-office, it is gaining momentum across industries to support and enable front-office operations. Listed below are some of the key areas under marketing where RPA can help:

  • Marketing operations
  • Category spend management
  • Supplier selection
  • Digital lead extraction
  • Demand generation and related reports
  • Monitoring campaigns
  • Tracking ROI
  • Website management
  • Validation of information on existing customers
  • Customer and pipeline management
  • Reporting against historical data
  • Tracking social media metrics

Delivering Results

By automating tasks that take hours and having no direct topline, RPA can eliminate the time spent on the fringes freeing up room to focus on the core and the substance, i.e., creating relationships with and satisfying customers. Flexible bot interfaces can integrate enterprise systems and tools with marketing applications to pull out relevant data for marketers to make customer-centric decisions and boost marketing initiatives.

ITC Infotech enables RPA platform integrations with AI components like chatbots, NLP/NLG, and advanced analytics to help marketers and the marketing functions to generate business growth and improve customer experience strategies

Business Benefits

  • Bring a competitive advantage making way for quicker service delivery
  • Provide effective customer engagement leading to a recognized brand
  • Provide better collaboration and information to teams leading to stronger internal marketing
  • Effectively manage allotted budget providing holistic cost management
  • Consolidate marketing insights from disparate sources to create an effective sales pipeline
  • Achieve data integration with systems to effectively manage and drive campaigns and marketing initiatives 

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